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IHS Blue Pages Photo collage of woman talking on a phone, operators hands on phone system and a receptionist wearing a phone headset.
Telephone Contact List updated 05/16/2008
Area Offices
Listing Phone Website
Aberdeen (serves North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa & Nebraska) (605) 226-7531 website
Alaska (serves Alaska) (907) 729-3686 website
Albuquerque (serves New Mexico, Colorado & Texas) (505) 248-4500 website
Bemidji (serves Indiana, Minnesota, Michigan & Wisconsin) (218) 444-0458 website
Billings (serves Montana & Wyoming) (406) 247-7107 website
California (serves California & Hawaii) (916) 930-3927 website
Nashville (serves the Eastern United States) (615) 467-1500 website
Navajo (serves Arizona, New Mexico & Utah) (907) 871-5811 website
Oklahoma City (serves Oklahoma, Kansas & Texas) (405) 951-3768 website
Phoenix (serves Arizona, California, Nevada & Utah) (602) 364-5039 website
Portland (serves Idaho, Oregon & Washington) (503) 326-2020 website
Tucson (serves Southern Arizona) (520) 295-2405 website

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