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RPMS EHR National TIU Templates

This page contains information and a link to the National TIU Templates created for EHR. In April 2006, Subject Matter Experts came together with template makers to create TIU Templates that can be used at all EHR facilities. Utilizing the recommendations of Human Factors International [PPT-1.3MB] and following the TIU National Template Guidelines [DOC-55KB], the following TIU Templates were created to be used at EHR facilities.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: In order to properly view the templates, you will first need to import the template files into EHR at your site. To download files for importing into EHR, right-click on each link and choose "Save Target As…". You will then need to import the desired templates into EHR to view them. Detailed instructions on how to import TIU templates can be found here. Please contact Megan Powers if you require assistance.

You can access the following templates on the EHR FTP site.

  • Behavioral Health
    • Adult Standard
    • Adult Traditional
    • Adult Wellness
    • Brief
    • Child Standard
    • Child Traditional
    • Child Wellness
    • Medication Management
    • My Biopsychosocial
    • Psychiatric Progress Note

  • Cardiology
    • Cardiology Consult Request
    • Cardiology

  • Data Entry and Coding
    • Data Entry and Coding

  • Diabetes
    • Diabetes Consult Request
    • Diabetes Education
    • Diabetes General Visit
    • Diabetes Insulin Management
    • Diabetes Medication Management
    • Insulin Management
    • MNT Diabetes
    • MNT Kidney

  • General Medicine
    • Asthma
    • Chronic Disease
    • Immunization Assessment
    • Medication Reconciliation

  • Inpatient
    • Inpatient Discharge Planning
    • Inpatient Discharge Summary
    • Inpatient History and Physical
    • Inpatient Nursing Admission - Medical/Surgery
    • Inpatient Nursing Admission - Pediatric
    • Inpatient Nursing Discharge
    • Inpatient Nursing Pre-Immunization Screen
    • Inpatient Nursing Progress
    • Inpatient Nursing Restraint
    • Inpatient Nursing Shift Assessment - Medical/Surgery
    • Inpatient Nursing Shift Assessment - Pediatric
    • Inpatient Nursing Template Components
    • Inpatient Nursing Transfer
    • Inpatient Progress Note
    • Inpatient Utilization Review

  • Pediatric
    • Well Child Adolescent
    • Well Child Clinic (0-1)
    • Well Child Clinic (1-12)

  • Pharmacy
    • Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

  • Urgent Care and ER
    • General Visit
    • Urgent Care Chest Pain
    • Urgent Care Common Complaints
    • Urgent Care Injury

  • Women's Health
    • Well Woman Exam

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