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RPMS EHR Training Courses

This page contains information and links to training courses offered on the Electronic Health Record.

Please note that not all of these courses may currently be scheduled. Please visit the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Training Page to view schedules for upcoming OIT-sponsored training.

  • EHR: Overview, Implementation and Lessons Learned - This course gives facilities that are considering implementing the EHR an idea of what to expect during and after the implementation process.

  • EHR CAC & Implementation Team (Basic Setup) - This course is for facilities that have installed Pharmacy 5/7 and are about to set up the EHR Graphical User Interface. This course teaches how to set up the basic components of the EHR.

  • Advanced CAC (Text Integration Utility and Advanced Templates) - This course delves into the EHR Text Integration Utility and teaches attendees how to create note titles and templates.

  • EHR for Techies - This advanced course is designed to provide Information Technology Professionals CURRENTLY supporting EHR with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to support and manage their facility's EHR system on a daily basis.

  • EHR for Inpatient - This training will provide CACs, Pharmacists, Site Managers, and Inpatient Implementation Team members (to include Nursing and Medical Staff) with basic skills for setting up and implementing the IHS-EHR for Inpatient use at their facility.

  • EHR for HIM - This training will provide Health Information Management Professionals with basic skills for supporting the IHS-EHR in addition to delineating recommendations for specific HIM issues. The target audience for this course is the health information management professionals and Clinical Application Coordinators.

  • EHR Reminders - This training will provide CACs with the skills necessary to set up and use Clinical Reminders.

  • RPMS-EHR Super End User This training is performed at the facility that is in process of implementing the EHR. It occurs after the National Team has visited the facility for on-site setup and less than one month before the facility "goes live" with the EHR software. This training provides the lead "Super End Users" with 12 hours of instruction on using EHR and on instructing and mentoring other facility staff in its use. In addition, up to six two-hour overview sessions are provided for other clinical and support staff at the facility.
    When determining who attends this class, facilities should remember that the "Super End User" will (a) understand that the EHR affects multiple disciplines and (b) "Super End Users" will be responsible for teaching "other end users" how to use the application (i.e. the Super End User should be able to train physicians, nurses, coders, and others on using the EHR). Individual departments are still responsible for maintaining and integrating their individual packages (lab, pharmacy, radiology, etc.) with the EHR. The Super End Users should: (a) plan on using the EHR in the near future and (b) demonstrate interest in teaching and working with others on implementing and setting up the EHR.

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