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RPMS Electronic Health Records title banner

EHR Presentations

This page contains links to presentations that have been made recently about the IHS Electronic Health Record. They are shared for your interest and information.

Please note that information in these presentations was current as of the date they were presented. Some information may no longer be current, as the software development and testing process is fluid, and some issues change over time. Presentations will be removed from this site if their content is no longer relevant.

  • This presentation was made at the IHS Annual Combined Councils meeting on February 26, 2007. It includes a brief overview of EHR, site metrics, a description of the preparation and implementation process, description of new features, and a discussion of the Area role in RPMS/EHR support. - RPMS EHR NCCD 022607 [PPT-4.3MB]

  • The following presentation was made to the VistA Community Leadership Meeting in Plano TX on November 7, 2006. The focus is on historical and current enhancements to RPMS that distinguish the IHS information system from other implementations of VistA. - RPMS Innovations VLCM 110706 [PPT-3MB]

  • The following three presentations were made to the IHS Technical Conference in Albuquerque, June 20-22, 2006:
    • Plenary session: The Area Office role in support of RPMS clinical and business applications (Howard Hays) - Area Role in EHR 062006 [PPT-1.8MB]
    • Breakout: RPMS EHR update (Howard Hays) (Note: This is a large file. Rather than clicking directly on the link, it will download more easily if you right-click and save the file before opening.) - EHR Update Tech Conf 062006 [PPT-6MB]
    • Breakout: EHR deployment and implementation (David Taylor) - EHR Deployment Tech Conf 062206 [PPT-2.4MB]

  • This presentation was made to the Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee on April 28, 2006. - TLDC EHR 042806 [PPT-4MB]

  • This presentation was made to the HIM/BO Partnership on April 19, 2007. - RPMS EHR HIMBO April 2007 [PPT-2MB]

  • This presentation was made to the Diabetes Institute on December 18, 2007. - Diabetes Institute EHR Training December 2007 [PPT-5.2MB]

  • This presentation was made to the Business Office and Health Information Management Partnership on April 16, 2008. - Inpatient EHR Lessons Learned [PPT-3.6MB]

  • This presentation was made to the Combined Councils on February 6, 2008 and at the Advances in Indian Health on May 1, 2008. - Combined Councils February 2008 [PPT-4.2MB]

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