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RPMS Electronic Health Records title banner

EHR Current Status

Effective January 21, 2005, the Electronic Health Record graphical user interface (GUI) application was certified as an official RPMS software application. The IHS EHR Program wishes to express our sincerest appreciation to the leadership and staff of the following facilities who participated in beta testing EHR:

Wind River Service Unit, WY
Crow Indian Hospital, MT
Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center, OR
Cherokee Indian Hospital, NC
WW Hastings Indian Hospital, OK
Gila River Health Center, AZ
Fort Defiance Indian Hospital, AZ

New sites are joining the ranks of EHR users each month.
Click here to see a map and table of currently deployed EHR sites.

RPMS EHR is not a finished product. Development continues on a number of fixes and enhancements, many of which have been recommended by clinicians who use EHR on a daily basis for patient care.
Click here to see a list of EHR enhancements and their current status.

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