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CCI Print Products: National Correct Coding Policy Manual in Component Code Sequence for Part B Medicare Carriers


Code lists are sequenced by component code and mutually exclusive disallowed codes

CCI Component Code Manual

Order number: SUB-9912
Four issues for $240
Individual issues $70 plus handling fee

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  • This custom version of the National Correct Coding Policy Manual for Part B Medicare Carriers provides codes listed in component code sequence instead of the original manual's comprehensive code sequence.
  • This version allows you to look up a component code and find all of the comprehensive codes with which it is paired in one place.
  • The version also allows you to take a comprehensive code from the original manual and look it up in the custom version to see if it is used as a component code and to identify any comprehensive code with which it is paired.
  • To locate this type of information using the original manual, you would have to search through thousands of records.
  • Further, in this custom version, the mutually exclusive codes are sequenced by the disallowed codes. This sequence permits you to easily find all allowed codes associated with a particular disallowed code or to easily find if an allowed code is also cited as a disallowed code.
  • If you need to have component codes and disallowed codes in sequence, this custom version will save your practice enormous amounts of time and will improve the accuracy of your claims.


This manual also contains the updated:

  • Introduction to the Correct Coding Initiative
  • General Correct Coding policies
  • Policy Narratives that will help you understand the edits
  • State by State listing of Medicare Part B Carriers to know who to call with questions


CPT codes only are copyrighted 2007 by the American Medical Association (AMA). All Rights Reserved. If you wish to reproduce this product, you must sign an agreement, or call 703-605-6510 for more information.