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CCI Computer Products: CC+Edit


Comprehensive search engine for rapid identification of edit pair restrictions!


Produced by MIT Solutions, Inc.
NOTE: Privately produced product listed here does not constitute endorsement by CMS

Order number: SUB-5411
Four issues for $240
Individual issues $75 plus handling fee
For multiple users, network pricing is available,
call 703-605-6510 for more information.

   Specifications:Contains easy-to-use search and retrieval software. This program is a Windows based program. It is written to work in Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT and XP. To install this program, you must have at least 12 megabytes of free disk space and be working on a computer with a processor of 486 or better.


The most convenient product for those who simply want to enter the codes they are using on their reimbursement claims to see if they will be disallowed.


The software is easy-to-use and offers four lookup options:

  • Multiple Code Option:
    View Sample Screen
    This powerful option lets you enter any number of codes, component, comprehensive, or mutually exclusive.
    You can then display or print a list of the codes that are either components of or comprehensive codes of other codes in your list.
    For example, let's say you entered twenty codes. When you press the 'Component' button, the software will take each code and see whether it is a component of any other code in your list. The final report will list all of your codes on the left side. If a code is part of a comprehensive code that is on your list, the comprehensive code will be listed on the right next to the component code. Just the opposite happens if you press the 'Comprehensive' button.
    As an additional feature, the CPT procedure names are given for each code in your list.

  • Find the component codes for a single comprehensive code:
    View Sample Screen
    CC+Edit™ gives you the option of entering a comprehensive code and seeing all of its component code.

  • Find the comprehensive codes for a component code:
    View Sample Screen
    CC+Edit™ gives you the option of entering a component code to see all of the comprehensive codes it is listed under.

  • Check a pair of codes to see if they can be used together:
    View Sample Screen
    This final option allows you to enter two codes that you want to use on the same claim. If they cannot be used at the same time, the software will alert you.

The results of all searches can either be viewed on the screen or printed out.


CPT codes only are copyrighted 2007 by the American Medical Association (AMA). All Rights Reserved. If you wish to reproduce this product, you must sign an agreement, or call 703-605-6510 for more information.