Acid Rain Hourly Emissions Data (Raw Data File on CD-ROM)

Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC. Office of Air and Radiation


Subscription order number: SUB-5431
Compressed ASCII data on CD-ROM, Issued quarterly
Price $460; outside of U.S., Canada, and Mexico $920

Single issue available: Price $120; outside of U.S., Canada, and Mexico $240


This CD-ROM product contains data on emissions from fossil fuel-fired electric power plants, which was collected by the EPA Acid Rain Program under 40 CFR 75.

Pollutants monitored include sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide. The pollutants are generally monitored using continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) on an hourly basis.

Also included is general operating data, including operating time, heat input, and gross unit load. There is also information on the unit's monitoring plan, and the results of tests required to be performed by the source to insure that its monitoring equipment is functioning properly.

This product contains data only. Customers must provide their own search and retrieval software.