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The following listings provide links and information regarding NIEHS Microarray Group protocols, equipment, software, and arrays.



  • RNA Preparation
    • RNA Preparation from Cultured Cells (  Download Adobe Reader (46KB)
    • RNA Preparartion from Animal Tissues (  Download Adobe Reader (23KB)
    • Specialized RNA Preparation Protocols
      • From Blood
        • Human (  Download Adobe Reader (85KB)
        • Rat (  Download Adobe Reader (83KB)
      • From Skin (Mouse) (  Download Adobe Reader (26KB)
      • From Heart (rodent) (  Download Adobe Reader (44KB)
    • RNA Preparation from LCM and Small Amounts of Tissue (  Download Adobe Reader (29KB)
  • Tissue Collection (  Download Adobe Reader (77KB)
  • Tissue Pulverization (  Download Adobe Reader (60KB)
  • Post-BioAnalyzer RNA Clean-up (  Download Adobe Reader (60KB")
  • Post-BioAnalyzer DNase Treatment and Cleanup of RNA (  Download Adobe Reader (64KB")

Labeling and Hybridization

Scanning & Image Analysis


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  • Agilent Bioanalyzer
  • Robbins Scientific Tango Liquid Handling System
  • Beecher Instruments Microarray Printer
  • Agilent Scanners
  • NanoDrop
  • Affymetrix GeneChip® Instrument
  • MAUI Hybridization Station
  • Applied Biosystems 7500 Real Time PCR System


  • GeneSpring
  • Rosetta Resolver
  • Ingenuity Pathways Analysis
  • Partek
  • CGH Analytics
  • CHip Analytics
  • Feature Extraction
  • Genepix


  • Gene Expression
    • Agilent( Exit NIEHS
    • Affymetrix( Exit NIEHS
    • Illumina
  • ChIP-on-Chip
    • Agilent( Exit NIEHS
  • Exon
    • Affymetrix( Exit NIEHS
  • aCGH
    • Agilent( Exit NIEHS
  • miRNA
  • Mapping
    • Affymetrix( Exit NIEHS

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