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The catalogs below are the few that are up-to-date. Because of the easy access to our Web site, we no longer print catalogs. Instead, we encourage you to use our Web site to find the information you need. The NTIS Database Search Guide will help you navigate our extensive information collection.


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Catalog of Educational Multimedia Products PDF Download (597KB)

This catalog highlights many of the numerous multimedia training products sure to be of interest to you and others in the education community. Subjects covered include:

  • Administration
  • Black & Women's Studies
  • Counseling
  • Drug Prevention
  • Health and Safety
  • History
  • Languages
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Spanish Version Videos


Fire and Emergency Response Services Training Packages PDF Download (1.5M)

Describes the most comprehensive selection of EMS and firefighter training material from the National Fire Academy, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Defense and others.


Foreign Language Training Multimedia Courses PDF Download (859KB)

Describes foreign language training materials produced by the State Department's National Foreign Afairs Training Center, the Defense Department's Defense Language Institute, the Center for the Advancement of Language Learning, Intelecom, and the Central Intelligence Agency.


Catalog of Multimedia and Training Products PDF Download (607KB)

Describes bestselling titles in the areas of:

  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Career planning
  • Government management
  • Education
  • Emergency management
  • More popular titles


NTIS Database Search Guide PDF Download (2.7M)

This guide provides valuable information necessary for productive and cost-effective search and retrieval. Use this guidebook to:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the NTIS Database and its structure
  • Minimize false hits, which are common to such large and varied databases
  • Differentiate the NTIS Database information derived from multiple government sources
  • Provide background references and historical perspective
  • Serve as a reference manual for users, or a teaching tool at training seminars
  • The guide also includes:
  • Vendor-specific search tips
  • NTIS subject category codes with scope notes


Science & Technology on CD and SRIM Catalog (PR-271) PDF Download (460KB)

This automatic document delivery service ensures that you receive "full text" documents when others are just reading the announcement summaries.  For more information, see our Science & Technology on CD or SRIM Web pages.


Law Enforcement and Judicial Training Catalog (PR-1000) PDF Download (494KB)

Multimedia programs produced by the: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and Federal Judicial Center.

This catalog includes materials on using and maintaining the National Crime Information Center files, police techniques training, vehicle safety, and judicial training.


Occupational Safety & Health Catalog of Training and Information Products PDF Download (110KB)

Topics covered include: Safety Administration, Workplace Safety, Industry/Construction Safety, Hazardous Materials, Indoor Air Quality, Medical Safety. Transportation Safety, Emergency Response, Storms, and Work-Related Pathologies.


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