Census Atlas of the United States

The first comprehensive atlas of population and housing produced by the Census Bureau since the 1920s.

Census Atlas of the United States

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The Census Atlas of the United States is a large-format publication, about 300 pages long, and contains almost 800 maps. Data from the 2000 Census and prior decennial censuses support the maps and figures, providing context and a historical perspective for many of the topics presented.

The maps do not merely offer graphic representations of facts and data. They reveal the relationships among our Nation’s people and the States, cities, and counties where they have chosen to live. In short, the book tells the story of our Nation – its past, present, and future.

  • The Year of Maximum Population map provides a succinct history of the United States in one illustration. The color patterns capture the migration flows and growth of the nation’s population and its history, including the eras of westward expansion, sectional crisis and the Civil War, the end of the frontier, the industrial revolution, and the rise of the post-World War II suburban culture.
  • The map of Prevalent Ancestry reveals a range of ancestries – millions of diverse people living among one another. The range of ancestries living together is the proof of freedom and opportunity’s enticements to the many peoples from throughout the world who have made this Nation their home.
  • The regional migration maps, particularly the map of Migration Between California and Other States, as well as the college education completion maps, show that remarkable changes have taken place since the 1950s.


The Atlas is arranged in topical chapters, grouped into three general themes: who we are; where we come from; and what we do. The topics covered include:

  • Population Distribution
  • Race and Hispanic Origin
  • Age and Sex
  • Living Arrangements
  • Place of Birth and U.S. Citizenship
  • Migration
  • Language
  • Ancestry
  • Education
  • Work
  • Military Service
  • Income and Poverty
  • Housing

Reference maps, Notes, Glossary and a Map & Figure Index complete the Census Atlas of the United States.