NOAA Diving Manual
Diving for Science and Technology, 4th Edition

NOAA Diving Manual NOAA Diving Manual (Hardcover)
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One of the most detailed diving references available.....a valuable resource all serious divers must have!

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA

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The Definitive Encyclopedia Of Diving Is A Must-Have For Serious Divers.

Topics covered include:

  • Diving Physiology
  • The "What And Why" Of Diving Gear
  • Diving Using A Variety Of Gas Mixtures
  • Procedures For Dive Planning, Operations, And Emergencies

This new edition has been greatly expanded and completely revised with many new full color illustrations by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Diving Program, the U.S. government's leading authority on scientific diving and undersea technology.

Greatly Expanded and Completely Revised To Reflect the Diversified Tasks NOAA Divers Carry Out Underwater
Because these tasks are as varied as those of any group of worldwide underwater workers, this new manual contains instructions, recommendations, and general guidance on the broadest possible range of underwater living conditions and diving situations.

Even More Useful Than Previous Editions for All Working and Recreational Divers

  • The technologies of rebreathers and mixed gas diving, such as nitrox and oxygen are included.
  • Diving physics, physiology, decompression and diving medicine have also been updated to reflect recent developments in the diving industry.
  • The NOAA nitrox tables and nitrox diving procedures allow deeper and/or longer bottom times to increase diver efficiency when using nitrox, without affecting safety or increasing decompression time.

More Than 100 Well Known Members of The Diving Community Contributed to The NOAA Diving Manual
Thus, the various issues addressed reflect the wisdom, experience, and expertise of contributors, including medical and scientific authorities, equipment manufacturers, experienced recreational and commercial divers, educators, and many others who are an important part of the diving community.

The publication is the result of a collaborative partnership between NOAA, the National Technical Information Service and Best Publishing Company.

About the CD-ROM
Now Available for All Platforms
This recently revised CD-ROM edition also contains NOAA changes and a 2002 Errata Sheet. The NOAA Diving Manual on CD-ROM with search and retrieval software contains the complete NOAA Diving Manual, Fourth Edition. With the CD-ROM, you can also:

  • Browse the manual
  • Electronically link to chapters of interest
  • Search on a topic
  • Print a dive table, or
  • Copy and paste into your dive plan or procedures
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