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  • P.L. 103-227 - Goals 2000 (1994)

    This Act declared that the National Education Goals for the year 2000 are the following: School Readiness, School Completion, Student Achievement and Citizenship, Teacher Education and Professional Development, Mathematics and Science Achievement, Adult Literacy and Lifelong Learning, Safe, Disciplined, and Alcohol, and Drug-free Schools, and Parental Participation.

  • P.L. 102-73 - National Literacy Act (1991)

    The purpose of this Act is to enhance the literacy and basic skills of adults, to ensure that all adults in the United States acquire the basic skills necessary to function effectively and achieve the greatest possible opportunity in their work and in their lives, and to strengthen and coordinate adult literacy programs.

  • P.L. 103-3 - Family and Medical Leave Act (1993)

    This law contains provisions on employer coverage; employee eligibility for the law's benefits; entitlement to leave, maintenance of health benefits during leave, and job restoration after leave; notice and certification of the need for FMLA leave; and, protection for employees who request or take FMLA leave.

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Created: January 04, 2006