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Chapter 6.
The Mass Layoff Statistics Program

In response to Section 462 of the Job Training and Partnership Act (PL 97-300), the Secretary of Labor, in 1984, was asked to develop and maintain statistical data relating to permanent mass layoffs and plant closings. Because a program of collecting data on mass layoffs that was in operation in another Federal agency up to Fiscal Year 1984 was determined to be inadequate in terms of identifying layoffs and affected workers, BLS was asked to develop an approach which would meet legislative and statistical requirements. Thus began, in 1984, the Bureau's Mass Layoff Statistics (MLS) program.

The MLS program began with eight States funded for developmental work. When the program was eliminated in November 1992, primarily for lack of funding, 49 States and the District of Columbia were participating in it. Funding for the MLS program was reinstated in August 1994, and data collection began in April 1995. Currently, all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico participate in the program.

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