Changes to Mass Layoff Statistics Data

Due to budget constraints in the Mass Layoff Statistics (MLS) program, beginning with data for the first quarter of 2004, the scope of quarterly extended mass layoffs and plant closings, regularly reported in the release, Extended Mass Layoffs in (Quarter), has been redefined to cover only the private nonfarm economy. Quarterly information on layoff events in agriculture and government will no longer be collected. However, the monthly reporting of the MLS program in the release, Mass Layoffs in (Month), which is based only on administrative data, will be unaffected and will continue to cover the total economy. 

New series are now available for current and historical "total private nonfarm" for both the quarterly and monthly data. Historical extended mass layoff statistics for the total economy prior to the first quarter of 2004 will continue to be available. 


Last Modified Date: March 05, 2004