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IHTSDO Seeking Proposals for Terminology Toolset

The International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO) is seeking proposals for the supply and maintenance of a SNOMED CT multi-lingual modular workbench that will host terminology editing, translation, mapping, and other applications. This SNOMED CT workbench is part of the IHTSDO’s on-going efforts to enable broader access to, and use of, standardized clinical terminologies worldwide. As the U.S. Member of the IHTSDO, the National Library of Medicine encourages interested parties to submit proposals.

Open Health Tools (OHT) is managing the RFP process on behalf of the IHTSDO. Those interested in submitting a proposal should register their intention to bid by July 26, 2008. Proposals will be due by September 5, 2008. Copies of the RFP are available at

The complete IHTSDO press release is available at

Last reviewed: 18 July 2008
Last updated: 18 July 2008
First published: 18 July 2008
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