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Work and Family

  • Learning to do the Job (PDF 453K), 3/96

  • Promotions Among Women (PDF 252K), 3/94

  • Turning Thirty — Job Mobility and Labor Market Attachment (PDF 505K), 12/93

  • Never Too Old to Learn (PDF 181K), 9/93

  • Changes in Wages and Benefits Among Young Adults (PDF 581K), 7/93

  • Women in Their Forties (PDF 1015K) 4/93

  • Employer-Provided Training Among Young Adults (PDF 452K), 2/93

  • Work Patterns of Women Near Retirement (PDF 316K), 10/92

  • Jobs Held and Weeks Worked by Young Adults (PDF 236K), 8/92

  • Child-Care Arrangements of Young Working Mothers  (PDF 229K), 1/92

Monthly Labor Review Articles  to top

Reports on Youth Employment   to top

  • What Researchers Have Learned from the National Longitudinal Surveys About Youth Unemployment (PDF 1,621K), 8/92

  • Report on the Youth Labor Force: A detailed look at youth labor in the United States, including analysis of NLS data.

NLS Discussion Paper Series   to top

92-01. How the Federal Government Uses Data from the National Longitudinal Surveys.
Author: Michael Pergamit. (7/91)
92-02. A Comparison of Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI) with Paper-and-Pencil Interviews (PAPI) in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth.
Authors: Norman M. Bradburn, Martin R. Frankel, Reginald P. Baker, Michael R. Pergamit. (5/91)
92-03. Dynamic Models of the Joint Determination of Labor Supply and Family Structure.
Authors: Saul Schwartz, Robert Hutchens, George Jakubson. (6/91)
92-04. The Effects of Unemployment Compensation on the Unemployment of Youth.
Authors: A. Colin Cameron, R. Mark Gritz, Thomas MaCurdy. (9/89)
92-05. Evaluating Competing Theories of Worker Mobility.
Author: Henry S. Farber. (3/92)
92-06. Evaluation of the 1989 Child-care Supplement in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth.
Authors: Frank L. Mott, Paula Baker. (10/89)
92-07. Gender Differences in the Quit Behavior of Young Workers.
Authors: Audrey Light, Manuelita Ureta. (3/90)
92-08. The Impact of Private Sector Training on Race and Gender Wage Differentials and the Career Patterns of Young Workers.
Author: Lisa M. Lynch. (7/91)
92-09. Responses of Female Labor Supply and Fertility to the Demographic Cycle.
Authors: Evangelos M. Falaris, H Elizabeth Peters. (12/89)
92-10. A Study of Intercohort Change in Women's Work Patterns and Earnings.
Authors: Anne Hill, June E. O'Neill. (12/90)
92-11. Women's Employment During Pregnancy and Following Birth.
Authors: Arleen Leibowitz, Jacob Alex Klerman, Linda Waite. (2/92)
92-12. Work Experience, Job Tenure, Job Separation, and Wage Growth.
Author: Lee A. Lillard. (8/91)
92-13. Family Background and Labor Market Outcomes.
Authors: Joseph G. Altonji, Thomas A. Dunn. (6/90)
92-14. Self-Selection and Internal Migration in the United States.
Authors: George J. Borjas, Stephen G. Bronars, Stephen J. Trejo. (3/90)
92-15. The Determinants and Consequences of Public Sector and Private Sector Training.
Authors: James J. Heckman, Stephen V. Cameron, Peter Z. Schochet. (11/92)
93-16. Participation in Low-Wage Labor Markets by Young Men.
Authors: R.Mark Gritz, Thomas MaCurdy. (9/92)
94-17. Retirement in a Family Context: A Structural Model for Husbands and Wives.
Authors: Alan L. Gustman, Thomas L. Steinmeier. (1/94)
94-18. Transitions from School to Work: A Survey of Research Using the National Longitudinal Surveys.
Author: Audrey Light. (4/94)
94-19. High School Employment: Consumption or Investment.
Author: Christopher J. Ruhm. (11/94)
95-20. Informal Training: A Review of Existing Data and Some New Evidence.
Authors: Mark Lowenstein, James Spletzer. (11/94)
95-21. Characterizing Leave for Maternity: Modeling the NLSY Data.
Author: Jacob Alex Klerman. (12/93)
95-22. Employment Continuity Among New Mothers.
Authors: Jacob Alex Klerman, Arleen Leibowitz. (3/94)
95-23. Incentive Pay, Information, and Earnings: Evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth.
Authors: Stephen G. Bronars, Carol Moore. (3/95)
95-24. The Evolving Structures of Female Work Activities: Evidence from the National Longitudinal Surveys, 1967-1989.
Author: Donald O. Parsons. (12/94)
95-25. Poverty Dynamics Among Mature Women: Evidence from the National Longitudinal Surveys, 1967-1989.
Authors: Donald O. Parsons. (1/95)
95-26. Technological Change and the Skill Acquisition of Young Workers.
Authors: Ann Bartel, Nachum Sicherman. (4/95)
95-27. High School Employment.
Author: Audrey Light. (6/95)
95-28. The Effect of Interview Length on Attrition in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth.
Authors: Laura Branden, R. Mark Gritz, Michael R. Pergamit. (3/95)
96-29. Capital Market Constraints, Parental Wealth and the Transition to Self-Employment among Men and Women.
Authors: Thomas Dunn, Douglas Holtz-Eakin. (8/95)
96-30. The Intergenerational Effects of Fatherlessness on Educational Attainment and Entry-Level Wages.
Authors: Jeff Grogger, Nick Ronan. (9/95)
96-31. Training, Wages, and the Human Capital Model.
Author: Jonathan R. Veum. (11/95)
96-32. Assessing School to Work Transitions in the United States.
Author: Michael R. Pergamit. (6/95)
96-33. An Analysis of the Consequences of Employer Linked Health Insurance Coverage in the United States.
Author: Eric P. Slade. (12/95)
97-34. Report on the NLSY Round 16 Recall Experiment.
Authors: Bernard Dugoni, Lisa Lee, Roger Tourangeau. (8/97)
97-35. Employer Learning and the Signaling Value of Education.
Authors: Joseph G. Altonji, Charles R. Pierret. (11/97)
97-36. Employer Learning and Statistical Discrimination.
Authors: Joseph G. Altonji, Charles R. Pierret. (11/97)
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