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The World Factbook 2007

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The World Factbook 2007 Paperback Price: $99
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The World Factbook, a popular Central Intelligence Agency reference manual, provides a wealth of information on over 260 separate nations and other entities, listed alphabetically, in over 700 pages. There are also 12 terrain maps and three world maps included.

Each entry includes a map of the nation or entity, full color picture of its flag, and such information (if applicable) as:

  • Geography: location; coordinates; total area: land and water; boundaries; maritime claims; climate; terrain; elevation extremes; natural resources; land uses; natural hazards; environmental issues and agreements
  • People: population; age structure; growth rate; birth and death rates; migration rate; sex ratio; mortality rate; life expectancy; fertility rate; AIDS/HIV rates; major infectious diseases; ethnic groups; religions; languages; literacy
  • Government: dependency status; government type; capital; administrative division; dependent areas; independence; National holiday; constitution; legal system; suffrage; political parties and leaders; political pressure groups; international organization participation; diplomatic representation with U.S.; flag description
  • Economy: gross domestic product; poverty level; household income; distribution of family income - Gini index; inflation rate; labor force; unemployment rate; budget; industries; electricity; natural gas; agriculture; exports/imports; public debt; economic aid; currency; exchange rates; reserves of foreign exchange and gold
  • Communications: Telephones; radios; televisions; Internet hosts, country codes and users
  • Transportation: railways, highways, waterways, pipelines; ports & harbors; merchant marine; airports/heliports
  • Military: military branches, manpower, expenditures
  • Transnational issues: International disputes; refugees and internally displaced persons


1996 and 1997 CD-ROM Editions

The 1996 and 1997 CD-ROM Editions also include the Handbook of International Economic Statistics. This Handbook provides basic worldwide statistics for comparing the economic performance of major countries and regions. Richly illustrated with color maps, figures, and tables, the Handbook reflects the creation of new nation-states and the realignment of regional economic groupings. Data in the Handbook for the prior five years show: economic profiles, aggregative trends, country trends, economic indicators in the former Soviet Union, foreign trade and aid, and environmental topics.

Industries covered include energy; agriculture; minerals and metals; and chemical and manufactured goods. Many of the figures and tables also provide historical data for the years between 1970 and 1985. The easy-to-use search and retrieval software included will provide instant access to a wealth of information from these two important references.