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Coming Home to Work


The Coming Home to Work (CHTW) Program is Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment's (VR&E's) primary early intervention and outreach program. Through this initiative, all VR&E services are available to eligible servicemembers and veterans. Participants work with a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) to determine eligibility and entitlement to VR&E services. Once entitlement is established, the VRC and the servicemember or veteran will work as a team to decide which employment track is most suitable based on each participant's individual needs. VR&E's goal is to assist eligible servicemembers and veterans obtain and maintain suitable employment that will not aggravate their disabilities. This program does not replace or conflict with medical treatment or military requirements.

Program Goal

The goal of CHTW is to provide rehabilitation services to VR&E eligible servicemembers pending medical separation and veterans receiving treatment at Community Based Health Care Organizations and VA medical treatment facilities. VR&E eligible servicemembers with a memorandum rating of a least 20% are entitled to an evaluation for VR&E benefits regardless of their expected discharge date. While servicemembers cannot participate under Chapter 31 until VR&E eligibility is determined, Chapter 36 services are provided to transitioning servicemembers who are within six months of discharge from active duty or within one year following discharge from active duty.

Application Process

Servicemembers and veterans without a VA memorandum rating need to complete VA Form 28-0588, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment - Getting Ahead After You Get Out*. A copy of your medical records must be included along with this form. An application for VR&E services, VA Form 28-1900 Disabled Veterans Application For Vocational Rehabilitation*, needs to be completed as well. Please submit both VA Forms (28-0588 and 28-1900) along with medical documentation to a VA VRC, a Military Service Coordinator, VA Coming Home to Work Coordinator or deliver to a local VA Regional Office.

Servicemembers and veterans do not need to have a disability to participate in Chapter 36, Educational and Vocational Counseling. Chapter 36 services are a valuable tool to help identify strengths and assist in selecting a career. To participate in this free service, complete VA Form 28-8832, Application for Counseling*. This form may also be mailed or delivered to a local VA Regional Office, given to a VA VRC, Military Service Coordinator or a Coming Home to Work Coordinator.


  • Provides a seamless transition into Chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment.
  • Provides assistance with finding and maintaining suitable employment that will not aggravate your disabilities.
  • Provides access to training programs to include degree and certification programs.
  • Provides career exploration that may include a Non-Paid Work Experience (NPWE).
  • Collaboration with medical rehabilitation team to ensure medical appointments come first.

*All VA Forms can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the web site and clicking on VA Forms. Once on the VA Forms page, type in the VA Form number and click search.

For more information about Coming Home to Work, please contact your local CHTW Coordinator. Click on the following link to view a list of CHTW Coordinators by state:

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