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Summers of Discovery

Student, teacher, and faculty salaries/stipends range is competitive and will be commensurate with individual education/experience levels. Proof of health insurance is required; however, insurance is not offered/ provided by the Institute.

One of two hiring mechanisms may be used in the annual Summers' temporary appointments:

  • an "Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA)" which is a monthly stipend award paid in arrears or
  • a "General Schedule (GS)" appointment which is paid by an hourly rate every two weeks

NOTE: We will be using the IRTA mechanism for 2008 summer appointments.

2008 Intramural Research Training Awards (IRTA)

High School: Before Graduation $1,300
After Graduation $1,700
Undergrad: After 1 year $1,900
After 2 years $2,000
After 3 years or > $2,100
Graduate: Less than 1 year $2,200
After 1 year $2,300
After 2 years $2,600
After 3 years or > $2,900

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