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Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000.
(Public Law 106-402)

Information Memoranda and Dear Colleague Letters

Information Memoranda:

  • ADD-IM-08-01
    Issued 10/31/07
    Changes in format and medium (electronic) for Financial Status Reporting for State Councils on Developmental Disabilities (Councils) and Protection and Advocacy Systems (P&As).
  • ADD-IM-06-01
    Issued 10/25/05
    Changes in Frequency of Financial Status Reporting for State Councils and Protection and Advocacy Systems.
  • ADD-IM-03-03
    Issued 12/8/03
    Clarification on Reporting by Protection and Advocacy (P&A) Systems in
    the Program Performance Report (PPR) in Section III and Section VI.
  • ADD-IM-03-02
    Issued 8/5/03
    Announcing State Councils on Developmental Disabilities,
    ADD-02/SF-269 Financial Status Reporting Format (No. 0980-0212)
  • ADD-IM-01-2
    Issued 5/10/01
    State Councils on Developmental Disabilities, Five Year State Plan Format (No. 0980-0162) Has Been Revised
  • ADD-IM-01-1
    Issued 3/29/01
    Policy Guidance on the Title VI Prohibition Against National Origin Discrimination as It Affects Persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
  • ADD-IM-00-3
    Issued 3/2/00
    Distribution of Electronic Data Submission (EDS) System Users' Guide Manual for use in the submission of the Developmental Disabilities Three Year State Plan.
  • ADD-IM-99-6
    Issued 10/28/99
    Distribution of Electronic Data Submission (EDS) System User's Guide Manuals for use in the submission of DD Council and P&A Program Reports (PPRs and SOPs) and a general Administrative Procedures User's Guide
  • ADD-IM-98-5
    Issued 7/29/98
    Findings From the Office of Inspector General's Audit of P&A Systems
  • ADD-IM-97-3
    Issued 5/27/97
    Monitoring and Technical Assistance Review System
  • ADD-IM-96-5
    Issued 12/20/96
    ADD Grantee Requirements HHS Appropriations Act of 1997
  • ADD-IM-95-2
    Issued 2/10/95
    Use of Part B Funds in Funding Time-Limited Demonstration and Other Projects
  • ADD-IM-94-4
    Issued 7/5/94
    Impact of 1994 Amendments on Obligation of Federal Funds for Developmental Disabilities Councils Using State Interagency Agreements
  • ADD-IM-93-6
    Issued 8/12/93
    Determination of Poverty Area
  • ADD-IM-93-1
    Issued 2/23/93
    Transfer of Part B Funds from One State Planning Council to Another State Planning Council
  • ADD-IM-92-2
    Issued 7/9/92
    Annual Review of the Developmental Disabilities State Plan
  • ADD-IM-85-4
    Issued 3/8/89
    Program Income - Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD) State Basic Support Program and Protection and Advocacy


Dear Colleague Letters:

Grants and Funding


Program Highlights

Program Instructions

  • ADD-PI-04-01
    Availability of Fiscal Year 2004 Funds under the Help America Vote Act,
    P.L. 107-252, title II, Subtitle D, section 291, Payments for Protection
    and Advocacy Systems (42 USC 15461)
    Date:  03/18/04

  • ADD-PI-03-01 [doc 56kb, pdf 642kb]
    Availability of Fiscal Year 2003 Funds under the Help America Vote Act, P.L. 107-252.
  • ADD-PI-01-1 [Issued 9/20/01]
  • ADD-PI-94-1 [Issued 11/23/94]
    Standing of the State P&A System to Bring Suit
  • ADD-PI-90-2 [Issued11/8/90]
    Access by the Department or Other Authorized Federal Officials to Client Records or Other Records of the Protection and Advocacy Systems (P&As)
  • ADD-PI-86-3 [Issued 10/31/86]
    Court Judgements Awarded to P&A Systems (Program Income)

Program Outcomes

Program Regulations

State Activities


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Last Updated: September 9, 2008