North Pacific Ocean surface areas of PICES defined sub-regions

The North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) sub-region of the North Pacific Ocean is defined as north of 30°N to the Bering Strait at about 67°N.

PICES sub-region

Sub-region Name Code Area (km2) Area Covered (%)
Eastern Bering Sea (Continental) Shelf BSC 1,022,000 3.9
Western Bering Sea and Basin (Pelagic) BSP 1,358,000 5.1
Gulf of Alaska (Continental Shelf) ASK 428,000 1.6
California Current, North CAN 166,000 0.6
California Current, South CAS 129,000 0.5
Eastern Sub-Arctic ESA 3,622,000 13.6
Western Sub-Arctic WSA 2,168,000 8.2
Kamchatka and Kuril Islands KM/KL 112,000 0.4
Sea of Okhotsk OKH 1,600,000 6.0
Eastern Transition Zone ETZ 7,809,000 29.4
Western Transition Zone WTZ 6,338,000 23.9
Kuroshio/Oyashio Currents Zone KR/OY 348,000 1.3
Sea of Japan SJP 1,006,000 3.8
East China Sea ECS 435,000 1.6
Total   26,542,000 100.0

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[Last updated: 2007-07-03]