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Welcome to the SCHIP: Implementing Effective Programs
and Understanding Their Impacts
online learning program.

Please read the following before accessing this site. After reading these statements, click on "ENTER" at the bottom of the page to access the online learning site.

This online learning site is designed to assist State health policymakers in understanding the dynamics of State Child Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) implementation as well as accessing and using research findings to develop and implement their SCHIP programs.

The site originally summarized presentations given by experts in health policy and research and SCHIP leaders at two workshops offered by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's (AHRQ) User Liaison Program (ULP). Due to the dynamic nature of SCHIP issues, Federal policies and State programs are undergoing many changes. Therefore, the online learning site is currently being revised to reflect up-to-date SCHIP regulations and practices. However, the goal of the site-to assist policymakers in understanding SCHIP issues-remains the same.

Six modules focusing on the following SCHIP issues can be found within this site:

  • Target Population
  • Outreach/Enrollment
  • Benefit Design/Service Delivery
  • Cost-Sharing
  • Crowd-Out
  • Monitoring/Evaluation

The information, opinions, data, and statements presented in this site are not necessarily those of the U.S. Government or AHRQ and should not be interpreted, acted on, or represented as such. In addition, the U.S. Government, AHRQ, and its employees and contractors assume no legal liability for the accuracy or completeness of any information presented. Links to other websites contained herein are provided as a service to our users and do not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government, AHRQ, or any of its employees and contractors.


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