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Research Conferences

The ETA research conferences focus on issues related to trends, challenges and impacts of the macro-economy to workforce investment. It also focuses on significant changes in workforce investment, workforce competitiveness in the global economy, changing business requirements, workforce security in our new economy, and major policy options to increase productivity by meeting the skill needs of business and promoting economic opportunities for the United States workforce. It is an opportunity for ETA and other interested parties to keep abreast of new research in the workforce development field.

2006 Research Showcase

The Research Showcase offers a unique opportunity to meet the authors of influential workforce studies featuring prominent researchers from Urban Institute, Mathematica Policy Research, Social Policy Research, and other leading research organizations.

2005 Research Showcase

The Research Showcase offers a unique opportunity to meet the authors of influential workforce studies featuring prominent researchers from the Rockefeller Institute of Government, Berkeley Policy Associates, MDRC, and other leading research organizations. Highlights include three exciting research tracks (Personal Training Accounts, Unemployment Insurance, and Workforce Investment) and the Recognition of Excellence Winners to discuss their notable achievements.

Biennial National Research Conference

ETA has previously sponsored the Biennial National Research Conference to address a range of policy and program issues and document promising program practices. The research conference served as an important source of information in the development of the ETA Five Year Research Plan. In an effort to provide a broader distribution of ETA's research findings and products, the format for Research Conference has been modified and is now presented annually at ETA's Workforce Innovations Conference as the Research Showcase.

Previous Research Conferences

2003: A Compilation of Selected Papers from 2003 Biennial National Research Conference is available for download. This book contains selected papers from the 2003 Biennial Research Conference held in Washington, DC, in early June 2003. The papers cover a wide range of topics from front-line decision support and worker profiling to faith-based services and workforce investment programs for former welfare recipients.

2001: Conference Papers (summaries and full-text) from the 2001 Workforce Network Research Conference are available for you to download. The papers address a wide range of policy and program issues, in some cases documenting program practices. Issues include unemployment insurance, welfare to work, employment services, training and skill development, and labor market policy and development. Some of the research papers provide specific applications to women, older workers and low-wage workers.

Created: March 27, 2004
Updated: January 19, 2007