NTIS Help Desks

For times when you need some extra help, our Help Desk offers assisted support via both e-mail and phone for a variety of products. Use the following e-mail addresses or telephone numbers to ask a specific question.

  NTIS Web site  (703) 605-6585   helpdesk@fedworld.gov
  FedWorld Web site  (703) 605-6585   helpdesk@fedworld.gov
  BXA/EAR online database  (703) 605-6585   helpdesk@fedworld.gov
  Death Master File  (703) 605-6585   dmfhelp@ntis.gov
  GOV.Research_CenterTM  (703) 605-6585   grchelp@ntis.gov
  Wage Determinations Online  (703) 605-6585   wdolhelp@wdol.gov