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Services for Federal Agencies

Permanent electronic storage and remote document distribution is our specialty.

Producing and delivering documents has changed dramatically over the years. Most are now published online. With on-demand printing through NTIS, a publication's pages including text and images in digital format can be transmitted directly to the customer.

NTIS Capabilities

NTIS has many unique abilities including the ability to write interagency agreements and the ability to form joint venture partnerships with private sector vendors. We use both to give our clients the best value, technology and resources available. Our clients can engage our partners through a simple Memorandum of Understanding and quickly access the best technology of our partners and NTIS business practices to create solutions to meet their unique requirements.

NTIS as Your Partner

Government agencies are among the world's most prolific information producers. They are rich sources of accurate, current and historical information that is of immeasurable value to industry and academia alike. Every day, the volume of available information increases, challenging everyone who produces, handles and uses it. NTIS can help eliminate this burden for our clients.


Shipping and Fulfillment Services - Distribution/Warehousing/Inventory 

e-Training Services - Authorized OPM Service Provider - LMS/KMS & University Programs

Federal Energy Informatics Management - Web based solution

Government Web and Hosting - Security 24/7

Submitting Documents - Collecting, Archiving/Ordering System Support

Other Information and Support Services - Electronic Media, Translations, Microfiche

How To Contact NTIS About Your Agency Program Needs

It's simple. E-mail us at and we can answer any questions you may have about how we can help you.