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The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is genuinely interested in answering your questions and helping you get the information you need. However, due to the large amount of e-mail we receive daily from the public, it is difficult to respond in a timely manner. In order to reduce the amount of time it takes to answer your questions, please have a specific subject line that will help us direct your e-mail in the right direction to have it answered by the right person. Messages with blank or general subject lines such as "I have a question" or "Hello" will be responded to last. If this is a question or comment about a specific site, please paste the URL into the Reference URL field below. To send us written correspondence and/or to phone us, please visit our General Contact Information page.

The information that you provide is being collected so that we can contact you about your inquiry. It will only be used for that intended purpose. Please read the NASA Privacy Policy for more information.

Thanks for your interest in the Goddard Space Flight Center!

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