GOOS - Global Ocean Observing System
The Global Ocean Observing System

shipandbuoy.jpgGOOS is a permanent global system for observations, modelling and analysis of marine and ocean variables to support operational ocean services worldwide. GOOS provides accurate descriptions of the present state of the oceans, including living resources; continuous forecasts of the future conditions of the sea for as far ahead as possible, and the basis for forecasts of climate change.

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GRA 4th Forum, Nov 25-27

gyehihf_hilton_colon_guayaquil_gallery_leisure_municipiodequayaquil_large.jpg Fourth GOOS Regional Alliance Forum will be held 25, 26, 27 Nov. 2008 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The GRA Fora bring together representatives of all the GRAs to plan the next biennum activities of the Coastal Component of GOOS. The Forum fosters cooperation of the programs of the GRAs, builds GOOS and enhances regional activities.

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IOGOOS Workshop & Annual Meeting to take place in Hyderabad, 3-5 December

incois-building.jpgThe Global Ocean Observing System for the Indian Ocean (IOGOOS) Workshop and Sixth Annual Meeting will be held at the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad, India, 3-5 December 2008.

More information on the IOGOOS website.

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