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About Spotlight on Aging Research

Spotlight on Aging Research (SOAR): News and Notes from the National Institute on Aging, an online newsletter from the National Institute on Aging’s (NIA's) Office of Communications and Public Liaison, is designed to inform the research community, aging-services providers, health care professionals, policy makers, media, and others, including NIA staff, about NIA’s diverse resources and portfolio of aging-related research. Available free on the NIA Web site and released to subscribers through e-mail alerts, this electronic publication includes:

  • Stories of Discovery and Innovation—featuring NIA research initiatives and some of the most compelling findings from research by NIA’s own scientists and NIA-funded investigators nationwide
  • Research Highlights—quick summaries of papers recently published by NIA staff and grantees
  • News about NIA-sponsored conferences and other events
  • Links to NIA funding opportunities and scientific resources
  • Links to additional NIA resources, including new publications, website content, other newsletters, and news releases