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Indian Health Service Research Program - Scientific Inquiry and Practice-Based Evidence for the Health of American Indians and Alaska Natives
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Research Events
& Conferences:

Aug. 25 - 28 2008, Portland, OR

20th Annual Native Health Research Conference

Jan 7 - 18 2008, Baltimore, MD

Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health-Winter Institute 2008

Nov. 7 - 8 2007 Bethesda, MD

Fall Science meeting for NARCH investigators and project directors

August 22 - 23 2007 Denver, CO

Research for Native Health

July 23 - 27 2007 Baltimore, MD

Social Determinants Of Health In Indigenous Populations

June 11 - 29 2007 Portland, OR

Summer Research Training Institute

June 4 - 7 2007 Phoenix, AZ

19th Annual IHS Research Conference

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Welcome to the Indian Health Service Research Program

Scientific Inquiry and Practice-Based Evidence for the Health of American Indians and Alaska Natives

What's New On This Site

Added May 12, 2008

New Item

Registration is now open for the 20th Annual Native Health Research Conference

Further Details


The 20th Annual Native Health Research Conference

Exploring the Interface between Science and Tradition in Native Health Research

August 25-28, 2008
Red Lion Hotel on the River – Jantzen Beach
Portland, Oregon

Added January 24, 2008

1/24/2008: New NARCH V Announcement Published In Federal Register; Receipt Date: 5/16/2007

A formal NARCH V Announcement requesting grant applications has now been published in the Federal Register. The receipt date for completed NARCH V application submissions is May 16, 2008. The NARCH V grants would begin in Fiscal Year 2009. A Technical Assistance program is being developed.

To sign up for technical assistance please include the words “Technical Assistance” in the subject line of an email to and include complete contact information, including your email address, in the body of the email. Additional technical assistance information will be published on the NARCH V page, and emailed as it becomes available. For further information please email:

If you are participating in research at an IHS funded facility or being conducted by IHS personnel, and you are concerned about any aspect of your treatment or feel that you or your community may have been harmed by this research, please call the following toll-free number:

Toll Free: 888-228-6155

You don't have to give us your name when you call, although it might be helpful if you want us to look further into your complaint. We would be happy to answer any questions about your rights as a participant in IHS-related research

Native American Research Centers for Health (NARCH)

Current RFAs, Supplemental Instructions, Current NARCHs

Human Subjects Protection / IRB

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Upcoming conferences, Registration materials, Call for abstracts

News & Events

Announcements, press releases, newsletters, reports on IHS Research

Resources and Links

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Previous NARCHs, Past RFAs, Past research conferences, Past announcements, etc.

About the IHS Research Program

The Philosophy of the I H S Research Program is:

Good research discovers important new knowledge and answers questions to pressing and serious problems. Good research is needed by, useful for, and acceptable by American Indians and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities and people. It should be conducted in partnership with them.

The Mission of the I H S Research Program is:

  • To do and to sustain careful and socially responsible scientific inquiry in the health sciences involving American Indian/Alaska Native people and communities, with maximum tribal involvement in and control over that research.
  • To optimize community involvement in and control over research, to protect AI/AN volunteers and communities from excessive risks of research, and to maximize its benefits to them.
  • To increase the capacity of AI/AN communities and individuals to do research in health sciences important and useful to them.

The Goals of the I H S Research Program are:

  • To do, support and solicit research in the health sciences that is community-oriented and practice-based, and that contributes knowledge useful to raising the health of AI/AN people to the highest possible level, and to disseminate that knowledge; helps develop individual AI/AN and tribal capacities to achieve their research related goals, by technical assistance, consultation, dissemination of research results, and other means;
  • Serves as liaison to, and advocates for needed research beneficial to AI/AN people and communities with, other Federal agencies, universities, foundations and other interested entities.
  • Reviews all research involving the IHS to ensure adequate tribal involvement, and to protect all individual human volunteers and the tribal communities involved in and affected by the research, in order to comply fully with 45 CFR 46, and maintain continued acceptance by AI/AN communities of needed research.
  • Develops, demonstrates, and evaluates new research methods, including patient outcomes, support of self-governance and 638 contracting, improved clinical operations and management, and measurement of health status specific for AI/AN populations.
  • Helps AI/AN people enter and advance in community-oriented research in the health sciences as a career.

The Major Functions to Achieve its Mission and Goals are:

Conducts, facilitates, solicits, coordinates, and evaluates community-oriented practice-based research into health problems of and delivery of care to AI/AN people and communities, with major focus to improve their health status and their systems of care.

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For further information please feel free to contact:
Indian Health Service
Office of Public Health Support
Division of Planning, Evaluation, and Research

Dr. Alan Trachtenberg (301) 443-0578
801 Thompson Avenue, TMP, Suite 450
Rockville, Maryland 20852
Fax: (301) 443-0114

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