Military Publications & Manuals

The National Technical Information Service distributes Army technical manuals (TM's), field manuals (FM's), Army regulations (AR's), technical bulletins (TB), and other similar publications to the general public under arrangement with the U.S. Army Publishing Agency.

You can search the 14,000 Army publications by title or publication numbers to determine pricing and availability from NTIS.

Please note that full abstracts are unavailable for the titles in the Army collection.

If NTIS has the publication, call us to order. Although most Army manuals and publications are available as printed publications, a small number are only available in microfiche.

NOTE: NTIS makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on this Web page. However, some of the items listed may no longer be available due to a subsequent change in status directed by the source agency.

Foreign Governments: Foreign Governments cannot place orders with NTIS for these military publications. Requests for these publications must go through standard. government foreign military sales procedures.

Use the Technical Reports Search bar above to search for Military Publications. See screenshot below.

Search Tips

When you search for a particular number, ignore all punctuation. For example, to check the status of a particular field manual, enter the number as FM2422, not FM 24-22.

Use the truncation symbol, the asterisk, to look for a series of numbers, e.g., TM551520*, or terms that have common beginning character, e.g., M16*.

By putting quotes around words or a number series, you can search for a unique phrase. For example, to search for 2 1/2 ton trucks, search for "2 1/2" AND truck. Without the quotation marks you cannot search for terms separated with spaces, hyphens, commas, or any other punctuation marks.

If your search does not yield any results, NTIS still may be able to order the Army publication for you. Please call our sales desk to see if the publication is available through NTIS.

About the NTIS Military Publications Program

As part of our ongoing effort to provide our customers full access to the government's technical literature, NTIS has made arrangements with the U.S. Army Publishing Agency to offer these manuals and regulations to the public. Previously, these publications could only be ordered directly from the U.S. Army which was not equipped to readily handle such individual inquiries. Now, NTIS offers ready access to these important manuals and regulations. NTIS provides its customers with the quick placement of orders into the Army supply system and full support in cases of the occasional ordering delay. To order these manuals, customers must use the complete and accurate Army reference number.

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