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Epidemiology Branch

Organizational Chart

  • Chief Epidemiology Branch: Dale P. Sandler (
    • Administrative Staff (
      • Program Support Specialist: Patricia Johnson
      • Administrative Technician: Edward Mosley
      • Research Specialist/Project Officer: Paula S. Juras
      • Research Specialist/Project Officer: N. Beth Ragan
    • Aging & Neuroepidemiology (
      • Principal Investigator: Honglei Chen
      • Staff Scientist (Adjunct): Freya Kamel
      • Postdoctoral Fellow: Jianjun Gao
      • Postdoctoral Fellow: Qun Xu
    • Biomarker-based Epidemiology (
      • Principal Investigator: Matthew P. Longnecker
      • Postdoctoral Fellow: Lea Cupul Uicab
      • Guest Researcher: Merete Eggesbo
      • Postdoctoral Fellow: Xibiao Ye
    • Chronic Disease Epidemiology (
      • Principal Investigator: Dale P. Sandler
      • Staff Scientist: Lisa DeRoo
      • Staff Scientist: Jane Hoppin
      • Staff Scientist: Freya Kamel
      • Research Fellow: Christine Parks
      • Postdoctoral Fellow: Aimee D'Aloisio
      • Postdoctoral Fellow: Sangmi Kim
      • Technical Fellow: Martha Montgomery
      • Predoctoral Fellow: Fang Fang
    • Genetics, Environment & Respiratory Disease (
      • Principal Investigator: Stephanie London
      • Postdoctoral Fellow: Dana Hancock
      • Special Volunteer: Haidong Kan
    • Molecular & Genetic Epidemiology (
      • Principal Investigator: Jack Taylor
      • Research Fellow: Zongli Xu
    • Pediatric Epidemiology (
      • Principal Investigator: Walter J. Rogan
      • Postdoctoral Fellow: Yang Cao
    • Reproductive Epidemiology (
      • Principal Investigator: Allen J. Wilcox
      • Staff Scientist: Olga Basso
      • Postdoctoral Fellow: Abee Boyles
      • Predoctoral Fellow: Anne Marie Z. Jukic
    • Women's Health (
      • Principal Investigator: Donna D. Baird
      • Postdoctoral Fellow: Shannon Laughlin
      • Predoctoral Fellow: Reem Hasan
      • Special Volunteer: Anne Steiner

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Epidemiology Group
Epidemiology Branch

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