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New:  Follow along on our summer USCGC Healy research cruise, July 3-31, 2008

Seasonal evolution of nutrients in the Coastal Gulf of Alaska (GLOBEC: Hermann, Hinckley, Dobbins, Haidvogel and Mordy) (2007)

FOCI Ecosystem Trends Discussions (1999-2006)

TAPS-8 on M2 Mooring:  Real-Time Biological Data, Zooplankton Abundance

2008 EcoFOCI Bering Sea Ice Expedition March 29 - May 6, on the USCG Icebreaker Healy
2007 Bering Sea Ice Expedition, April 10 - May 12 on the USCG Icebreaker Healy
2006 Bering Sea-Ice Expedition, April-May, 2006, R/V Thompson and NOAA ship Miller Freeman

  • Seattle Times October 1 & 2, 2006 - articles about our Bering Sea Ice Expedition
  • Photo Archive:  Misc photos -- Microscope photos -- Under-Ice photos -- Ice-Core photos
  • North Pacific Climate Regimes and Ecosystem Productivity Program (NPCREP) within EcoFOCI

    GLOBEC Research 2001-2005

    Mooring Location Information, 1994-2007 moorings
  • Current Mooring Sites 2007
  • Modeling
  • EcoFOCI Modeling
  • NPCREP Bering Sea Ice Model Results 1960-1967
  • Satellite-Tracked Drifter Animations (2001-2007) - Data

    GEM Ferry Observations ( Gulf of Alaska Ecosystem Monitoring and Research Program)
    GEM Surface Nitrates ( Gulf of Alaska Ecosystem Monitoring and Research Program)

    Photographs, Images
  • Bering Sea 2006
  • Expedition, daily images archive 2006
  • Expedition, daily images archive 2007
  • Miller Freeman 2000-2002 in the Bering Sea
  • Forecasting Recruitment of Walleye Pollock to the Shelikof Strait Fishery (1992-2006)
    Conceptual Model of Walleye Pollock Recruitment in the Eastern Bering Sea (4/97)

    Southeast Bering Sea Carrying Capacity (SEBSCC) (1995-2004)
    Bering Sea Circulation Model (10/98)

    FOCI Awarded U.S. Department of Commerce Bronze Medal (12/02)

    Steller Sea Lion Research (1/02)

    20 Years of Shelikof Strait Circulation Model Runs - Salinity Field Animations (12/01) 
    A Biophysical Model of Shelikof Strait (1995)

    Zooplankton Populations of the SE Bering Sea Shelf (PDF poster) (10/01)

    Mesopelagic Survey of the Eastern Bering Sea (2/00)

    FOCI Visualizations (1/99)

    Mapping the Bering Slope Current with ADCP - Understanding the Green Belt (5/97)

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