Custom Information Research Service from the Library of Congress


In-depth research and critical analysis is available from the professional staff of the Library of Congress' Federal Research Division

NTIS and the Federal Research Division (FRD) of the Library of Congress offer a unique fee-for-service research and analysis service. Use the expertise of FRD's staff to exploit the unparalleled collections of the Library of Congress and other collections as you specify.

The cost is based on the level of effort required. Because the research and analysis is carried out by specialists, the information you receive will be on target and on time. Cost estimates are available upon request.The minimum fee is $500.

You can also search for a single book title or other reference information concerning the Library of Congress.


    Products and Services

  • Customized, in-depth research and analysis are offered on a wide range of social and physical science topics and in a variety of formats.
  • Results of research can be provided in a range of formats, from primary research materials to annotated bibliographies, glossaries, statistical summaries, surveys, databases, studies and reports, and books.
  • The FRD staff can translate from 25 foreign languages into English and also offers selected translation services from English into a variety of foreign languages.
  • Delivery is in printed-copy and/or electronic formats according to your specifications.


    Topics that can be researched

  • Business Issues and Trends: International trade, economics, government, public policy, foreign policy, and the social sciences.
  • Regulations, Laws, Legislation, and Agency Interpretations: Federal, state and municipal regulations, federal and state statutes, tracking legislative history and regulatory and legal developments. Foreign law research is also available.
  • Country/Area Studies: Economic, regional, cultural, political, historical, military, international relations, and topical subjects.
  • Additional Areas of Research: Topics can include any subject, e.g., disarmament, aviation, terrorism, foreign communications, international security, narcotics, infrastructure, transnational issues, and more.


    Types of Service

  • Customized Research can involve several levels of effort.
  • An analytical report, study, database, full-length book, electronic publication, or home page development.
  • A synopsis of the major findings resulting from bibliographic searches.
  • Literature searches resulting in a bibliography or annotated bibliography
  • Depending on customer requirements, databases beyond those available in the Library of Congress, other U.S. Government agencies and libraries, via the World Wide Web, and commercial databases can be searched.