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Public Availability of Material License Applications

Some links on this page are to documents in our our Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS). For additional information, see our Plugins, Viewers, and Other Tools.

Section 189 of the Atomic Energy Act provides an opportunity to request a hearing to any person whose interest may be affected by the granting, suspending, revoking or amending of a materials license. During the period December 22, 2005 to September 30, 2007, the NRC did not publicly disclose information on certain materials licensing actions as a result of a previous security policy, which has recently been modified. To ensure that the public is given notice and thus, the opportunity to request a hearing on these materials licensing actions, the NRC is making available lists of those materials licensing and other related actions (such as an environmental assessment) not previously disclosed during the above stated period. These lists can be found in the NRC’s Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS) under Accession Nos. ML073090371 and ML073331107.

The lists of open and completed materials licensing and other related actions are sorted by State, City and NRC Region. The type of action, such as a new application for license, renewal or amendment to an existing license, is also indicated (the key to the license action type is found at the end of the document). If you are interested in reviewing the action taken by the NRC, please contact Linda Eusebio (301-415-5017 or or Maureen Moriarty (301-415-7876 or They will assist you in gaining access to the appropriate documents.

Some of these licensing actions reference Sensitive Unclassified Non-Safeguards Information (SUNSI) and/or Safeguards Information (SGI). For some actions of this type, the NRC has established procedures to allow interested members of the public to obtain access to this information upon a showing of "need" (for SUNSI) or "need to know" (for SGI) and a showing that they would likely have standing in a hearing. Additionally, members of the public requesting access to SGI must be found trustworthy and reliable before being granted access to SGI, which involves completing a background check that includes fingerprinting. A copy of the full procedures is available at ML080380626. If you plan to request a hearing on a listed licensing action and believe that you may need access to SUNSI and/or SGI to do so, please contact the individuals listed above. Upon receipt of your inquiry, NRC staff will review the licensing action to determine whether the licensing action involves SUNSI and/or SGI and whether the access procedures should be applied to that action. After you receive a response from the Staff confirming the applicability of the procedures to the particular licensing action, you must follow those procedures if you do decide to submit a request for SUNSI or SGI. Do not submit an access request until NRC staff has confirmed the applicability of the procedures to a specific licensing action.

If you wish to file a hearing request regarding an individual licensing action, the requirements for filing a hearing request with the NRC can be found in the NRC regulations at 10 CFR 2.309. Where a Federal Register notice of agency action has not been published, this Web site notice constitutes the agency notice referred to in 10 CFR 2.309(b)(4)(i) for the purpose of determining the time limits for filing a hearing request (i.e., hearing requests must be filed not later than sixty (60) days after publication of notice on the NRC web site).

The NRC will continue to post on this website the ADAMS accession number for an updated list of materials licensing and other related actions received on a monthly basis.
October 2007: ML073410175
November 2007: ML073470760
December 2007: ML080090272
January 2008: ML080390577
February 2008: ML080650585
March 2008: ML080990800
April 2008: ML081300498
May 2008: ML081680096
June 2008: ML081970413
July 2008:  ML082210173
September 2008:  ML082530154

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