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Aughinbaugh, Alison

  • "Reports of Income under Different Bracketing Techniques: Evidence from the NLSY79" (with Rosella M. Gardecki), Unpublished working paper, January 2005
  • "The Effect of Remarriage on Women's Labor Supply." Presented at the Population Association of America 2003, the European Society of Population Economists 2003, and the Society of Labor Economists 2004.
  • "The Impact of Family Structure and School Quality on Youth Achievement in Mathematics" (with Donna S. Rothstein and Charles R. Pierret). Unpublished working paper. April 2001.
  • "Child Achievement as Signals and the Receipt of Child Support." Unpublished working paper. March 2001.
  • Other papers by Alison Aughinbaugh

Dey, Matthew S.

  • "Household Search and Health Insurance Coverage" (with Chris Flinn), Unpublished working paper. February 2005.
  • "Welfare and Mobility Effects of Employer-Provided Health Insurance." Unpublished working paper. September 2002.
  • "Household Bargaining and Labor Market Dynamics" (with Chris Flinn). Unpublished working paper. August 2001.
  • "Inequality in the United States: Does Health Insurance Affect the Estimates?" Unpublished working paper. July 2001.
  • "The Returns to Two and Four Year Colleges." Unpublished working paper. February 2001.
  • "Taxation, Investment, and Firm Growth with Heterogeneous Capital" (with Jason Cummins). Unpublished working paper. June 1998. Revise and resubmit American Economic Review
  • Other papers by Matthew S. Dey

Frazis, Harley

  • "How Much Do People Really Work in the New Economy?" (with Jay Stewart). Paper for CRIW Conference on Labor in the New Economy, November 2007.
  • "Wage Compression and the Division of Returns to Productivity Growth: Evidence from EOPP" (with Mark Loewenstein), BLS Working Paper 398, August 2006.
  • "What Do Male Nonworkers Do? Evidence from the American Time Use Survey" (with Jay Stewart). November 2005.
  • "How Does Nonmarket Production Affect Earnings Inequality? Evidence from the American Time-Use Survey" (with Jay Stewart), BLS Working Paper 393 (also Levy Institute Working Paper 454), May 2006 (earliest version October 2004).
  • Other papers by Harley Frazis

Gladden, Tricia

  • "Family Ties and Migration: Effects on Earnings and the Gender Wage Gap"
  • "Leaving the House: A Competing Risks Analysis of Quits from the House of Representatives"
  • "Turnover and Wage Growth in the Transition from School to Work" (with Christopher Taber)
  • Other Papers by Tricia Gladden

Groen, Jeffrey A.

Handwerker, Elizabeth Weber

  • "Nixing the Notch: The Effects of the Social Security Notch on Overall Incomes, Labor Supply, and Mortality in Retirement." Working paper, August 2007
  • "Delaying Retirement to Pay for College," Working paper, November 2007
  • "Estimating the 'True' Cost of Job Loss: Evidence Using Matched Data from California 1991-2000", (with Andrew Hildreth and Till von Wachter.) Working paper, May 2006.
  • Other papers by Elizabeth W. Handwerker

Loewenstein, Mark A.

Pierret, Charles R.,

  • "The Impact of Family Structure Transitions on Youth Achievement: Evidence from the Children of the NLSY79" (with Donna S. Rothstein and Alison A. Aughinbaugh) July 2002. Presented at the American Economic Association Meetings in January 2002.
  • Other papers by Charles R. Pierret

Pinkston, Joshua

Polivka, Anne

Rothstein, Donna S.

  • "Do School-to-Work Programs Help the "Forgotten Half?"" (with David Neumark) September 2005. NBER Working Paper #11636.
  • "High School Employment and Youths' Academic Achievement." Unpublished working paper. November 2004. Presented at the Eastern Economic Association Meetings in February 2004 and the Society for Research on Adolescence in March 2004.
  • "School-to-Career Programs and Transitions to Employment and Higher Education" (with David Neumark). November 2003. NBER Working Paper #10060. Presented at the APPAM meetings in November 2003 and the Russell Sage Conference on School-to-Career Transitions in May 2004.
  • "The Impact of Family Structure Transitions on Youth Achievement: Evidence from the Children of the NLSY79" (with Alison Aughinbaugh and Charles R. Pierret). August 2004. Presented at the American Economic Association Meetings in January 2002.
  • Other papers by Donna S. Rothstein

Spletzer, James

  • "Labor Market Dynamics Associated with the Movement of Work Overseas" (with Sharon P. Brown). Presented at the November 2005 OECD conference "The Globalisation of Production."
  • "Business Employment Dynamics" (with Richard L. Clayton). Presented at the April 2005 NBER-CRIW conference on producer dynamics.
  • "Establishment Wage Differentials" (with Julia I. Lane and Laurie A. Salmon). Presented at the Society of Labor Economists annual meetings, May 2001.
  • "The Incidence and Effects of Mass Layoffs: An Analysis Using Longitudinal Linked Employer-Employee Microdata" (with Rosemary Hyson). Presented at the American Economic Association annual meetings, January 2001, and at the Society of Labor Economists annual meetings, May 2002.
  • Other papers by James Spletzer

Stewart, Jay


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