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Information Quality Guidelines
OMB and Agency Responsibilities
How To Submit a Request for Correction
How NRC Will Process Your Request
Contact Us To Seek Correction of NRC Information
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OMB Federal Register Notice
Public Law 106-554 PDF Icon
Federal Register Notice Issuing NRC Final Guidelines

How To Submit a Request for Correction

What You Must Do If You Are an Affected Person

Use the following procedure to seek correction, under Section 515(a), of information that does not meet NRC or OMB Information Quality Guidelines:

  • Submit your Information Correction Request (ICR) within 60 calendar days of the initial information dissemination or within 60 calendars days of NRC notice of intent to rely, or its reliance, on the information.

  • Submit a discussion of why the NRC should consider your ICR (along with your ICR) if you submit the ICR after 60 calendar days after the initial information dissemination or after 60 calendars days after the NRC notice of intent to rely, or its reliance, on the information.

  • State that your ICR is submitted in accordance with the NRC's Information Quality Guidelines.

  • Include your name, mailing address, fax number, e-mail address, telephone number, and organizational affiliation, if any. The NRC needs this information to respond to your ICR and contact you, if necessary.

  • Describe clearly the information you believe is in error and requires correction. Include the source of the information (for example, the name and date of the report or data product), the exact location of the error (for example, the page, figure, table, or Web page address), and a detailed description of the information to be corrected. A copy of the specific information that the ICR covers would assist the NRC in its review of your ICR.

  • State specifically why the information should be corrected and, if possible, recommend specifically how it should be corrected.

  • Provide a copy of supporting documentary evidence, such as comparable data or research results on the same topic or a specific authoritative source, to help in the review of your ICR. If you supply the documentary evidence by means of a reference, the reference must be specific enough to allow the NRC to easily locate the information you identify as the basis for the ICR.

  • State specifically how you are affected by the information for which you are seeking correction.

How To Submit Your Request

You must submit your ICR under these guidelines in writing by mail, fax, e-mail, or Internet, as follows:

  • Mail:  Information Quality Coordinator
             U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
             T5 F53
             Washington, DC 20555

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