ATUS Papers and Publications

    By BLS-Affiliated Authors or Appearing in BLS Publications

    By Authors and in Publications Not Affiliated with BLS

    Monthly Labor Review Articles

    • Time use of working parents: a visual essay (Excerpt) (PDF) (169K)
      Mary Dorinda Allard and Marianne Janes (June 2008)

    • Teachers’ work patterns: when, where, and how much do U.S. teachers work? (Excerpt) (PDF) (242K)
      Rachel Krantz-Kent (March 2008)

    • How do older Americans spend their time? (Abstract) (PDF) (677K)
      Rachel Krantz-Kent and Jay Stewart (May 2007)

    • Comparing childcare measures in the ATUS and earlier time diary studies (Abstract) (PDF) (284K)
      Mary Dorinda Allard, Suzanne Bianchi, Jay Stewart, and Vanessa R. Wight (May 2007)

    • Teen time use and parental education: evidence from the CPS, MTF, and ATUS (Abstract) (PDF) (419K)
      Shirley L. Porterfield and Anne E. Winkler (May 2007)

    • Variations in time use at stages of the life cycle (Excerpt) (PDF) (59K)
      Rachel Krantz-Kent (September 2005)

    • Developing the American Time Use Survey activity classification system (Abstract) (PDF) (65K)
      Kristina Shelley (June 2005)

    • What can time-use data tell us about hours of work? (Abstract) (PDF) (89K)
      Harley Frazis and Jay Stewart (December 2004)

    • Planning, designing, and executing the BLS American Time-Use Survey (Abstract) (PDF) (98K)
      Michael Horrigan and Diane Herz (October 2004)

    • Measuring intrahousehold allocation of time: response to Anne E. Winkler (Abstract) (PDF) (53K)
      Lisa K. Schwartz, Diane Herz, and Harley Frazis (February 2002)

    • Measuring time use in households with more than one person (Abstract) (PDF) (140K)
      Anne E. Winkler (February 2002)

    • The American Time Use Survey: cognitive pretesting (Abstract) (PDF) (86K)
      Lisa K. Schwartz (February 2002)

    • What can we learn from time use data? (Abstract) (PDF) (22K)
      Mary Joyce and Jay Stewart (August 1999)

    • Measuring how people spend their time: a time-use survey design (Abstract) (PDF) (70K)
      Linda L. Stinson (August 1999)

    Other Published Articles

    • Where Does the Time Go? Concepts and Measurement in the American Time Use Survey (HTML)
      Harley Frazis and Jay Stewart. In Hard to Measure Goods and Services: Essays in Memory of Zvi Griliches. University of Chicago Press, October 2007.

    • Assessing Alternative Dissimilarity Indexes for Comparing Activity Profiles (PDF) (1.0MB)
      Jay Stewart. Electronic International Journal of Time Use Research. Volume 3, No. 1/August 2006.

    • Time Use as a Way of Examining Contexts of Adolescent Development in the United States
      Margaret K. Vernon. Society and Leisure. Volume 28, No. 2/2006.

    • How Much Time Do Americans Spend Preparing and Eating Food? (HTML)
      Karen Hamrick and Kristina J. Shelley. Amber Waves: The Economics of Food, Farming, Natural Resources, and Rural America. Volume 3, No. 5/November 2005.

    • Data Watch: The American Time Use Survey (Abstract)
      Daniel S. Hamermesh, Harley Frazis, and Jay Stewart. Journal of Economic Perspectives. Volume 19, No. 1/Winter 2005.

    • How Americans Spend Their Time: A First Look at the New American Time Use Survey
      Mary Dorinda Allard. Chance. Volume 18, No. 1/Winter 2005.

    • Assessing the Bias Associated with Alternative Contact Strategies in Telephone Time-Use Surveys (ABSTRACT) (PDF) (332K)
      Jay Stewart. Survey Methodology. Volume 28, No. 2/December 2002.

    • The American Time-Use Survey
      Diane Herz and Richard M. Devens, Jr. Industrial Relations. Volume 40, No. 3/July 2001.

    Working Papers

    • How Does Employment Affect the Timing of Time with Children? (Abstract)
      Jay Stewart and Mary Dorinda Allard (May 2008)

    • Are Those Who Bring Work Home Really Working Longer Hours? Implications for BLS Productivity Measures (Abstract)
      Lucy P. Eldridge and Sabrina Wulff Pabilonia (May 2007)

    • How Does Household Production Affect Earnings Inequality? Evidence from the American Time Use Survey (PDF) (164K)
      Harley Frazis and Jay Stewart (May 2006)

    • Pre-testing Sensitive Questions: Perceived Sensitivity, Comprehension, and Order Effects of Questions about Income and Weight (PDF) (124K)
      Margaret K. Vernon (2005)

    • Nonresponse bias in the American Time Use Survey (PDF) (87K)
      Grace O’Neill and John Dixon (2005)

    • Response Analysis Survey: A Qualitative look at Response and Nonresponse in the American Time Use Survey (PDF) (140K)
      Grace O'Neill and Jessica Sincavage (2004)

    • Reporting Absences from Home: Results of Cognitive Testing of the American Time Use Survey's Missed Days Summary Question (PDF) (375K)
      Scott Fricker and Lisa K. Schwartz (August 2001)

    • What's Work? Respondents' Interpretations of Work-Related Summary Questions (PDF) (452K)
      Lisa K. Schwartz, Siri Lynn, and Jayme Gortman (July 2001)

    • Minding the Children: Understanding How Recall and Conceptual Interpretations Influence Responses to a Time-Use Summary Question (PDF) (459K)
      Lisa K. Schwartz (February 2001)

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