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Domestic Safeguards
What We Regulate
Physical Protection
Material Control and Accounting
How We Regulate
Regulations, Guidance, and Communications
Licensing Requirements

Domestic Safeguards Regulations, Guidance, and Communications

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NRC's regulations are found in Chapter I of Title 10, "Energy," of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Chapter I is divided into Parts 1 through 199. The following regulations are most applicable to safeguards:

  • Part 11 - Criteria and Procedures for Determining Eligibility for Access to or Control Over Special Nuclear Material
  • Part 25 - Access Authorization for Licensee Personnel
  • Part 26 - Fitness for Duty
  • Part 70.51 - Material balance, inventory, and records requirements
  • Part 73 - Physical Protection of Plants and Materials
  • Part 74 - Material Control and Accounting of Special Nuclear Material
  • Part 76 - Certification of Gaseous Diffusion Plants
  • Part 95 - Facility Security Clearance and Safeguards of National Security Information and Restricted Data
  • All current rulemakings

The NRC Regulatory Agenda (NUREG-0936) is a semiannual compilation of brief descriptions of all rulemaking actions.

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Regulatory guides are issued in 10 divisions and are intended to aid licensees in implementing regulations. The guides most applicable to safeguards are in Division 5, Material and Plant Protection.

Web (HTML) versions of some regulatory guides are available for viewing or downloading. Those available are highlighted in blue in the index to our Regulatory Guides Document Collection. All active final and draft guides are also available in NRC's Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS).

Other reference documents that may be useful to licensees and other stakeholders are

Physical Protection
  • Users Guide to Physical Protection Documents (NUREG/BR-0252)
  • Security Agency Study (NUREG-0015)
  • Acceptance Criteria for the Evaluation of Power Reactor Security Plans (NUREG-0908)
  • Acceptance Criteria for the Evaluation of Category I Fuel Cycle Facility Physical Security Plans (NUREG-1322)
  • An Alternative Format for Category I Fuel Cycle Facility Physical Protection Plans (NUREG-1456)
  • Review Criteria for the Physical Fitness Training Requirements in 10 CFR Part 73 (NUREG-1504)
  • Standard Review Plan for Physical Protection Plans for the Independent Storage of Spent Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste (NUREG-1619)

Material Control and Accounting

  • Category I SNM - Standard Format and Content Acceptance Criteria for the Material Control and Accounting (MC&A) Reform Amendment (NUREG-1280)
  • Category III SNM - Acceptable Standard Format and Content for the Fundamental Nuclear Material Control Plan Required for Low-Enriched Uranium Facilities (NUREG-1065)
  • Enrichment facilities - Recommendations to the NRC on Acceptable Standard Format and Content for the Fundamental Nuclear Material Control (FNMC) Plan Required for Low-Enriched Uranium Enrichment Facilities (NUREG/CR-5734)
  • Instructions for Completing Nuclear Material Transfer Reports (DOE/NRC Forms 741 and 740M) (NUREG/BR-0006)
  • Instructions for the Preparation and Distribution of Material Status Reports (DOE/NRC Forms 742 and 742C) (NUREG/BR-0007)

Web (HTML) versions of some guidance documents are available in NRC Formal Publication Collection. Some are also are available in ADAMS (see our table listing for their availability).

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Generic communications are NRC's primary method of sending information to specific classes of licensees. There are several types:

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