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About NCCD

The National Council of Clinical Directors (NCCD) was founded in 1975, and its initial bylaws were written in 1976. Since its inception, the NCCD has served as a support group for harried Clinical Directors who often work in remote settings with little peer support. The NCCD has also served as an important forum for new and not-so-new ideas on how to improve the care of Native Americans and Alaska Natives.

Since 1975, annual national meetings have been held in various sites from Rapid City, South Dakota, and Denver, Colorado, to a number of cities in Arizona. Beginning in 1992, the annual meeting has been held in combination with the Council of Chief Medical Officers (CCMO) and the National Council of Service Unit Directors (NCSUD). In 1996, the National Council of Nurse Administrators (NCON) joined the annual meeting to create a truly IHS-wide leadership meeting.

Visit the National Council of Clinical Directors website.

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