Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Colorado CERT's

Name of Program: Fremont County CERT
Geographic Area: Fremont County
Point of Contact: Steve Morrisey
Phone Number: (719) 276-7300
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: Our mission is to raise public awareness about disaster and terrorism preparedness. Respond in time of need to request by local agencies, train citizens to help themselves and others in the event disaster strikes and help the community recover. We will offer CERT training to the community with an emphasis on the most vulnerable population such as schools and seniors.

Name of Program: Adams Cert Program
Geographic Area: Adams County
Point of Contact: Rebecca J. Martinez
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (720) 322-1402
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: Adams CERT program is sponsored by surrounding jurisdictions to teach the fundamentals of community response efforts. Jointly, our group has developed a training session that will allow our citizens the basics of emergency response and how they can assist local government during emergency situations and to become more prepared to ensure safety for themselves and their communities.

Name of Program: Federal Heights CERT Team
Geographic Area: Adams County, Federal Heights
Point of Contact:
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (303) 428-3526 302
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: The City of Federal Heights has received a grant for the establishment of a CERT team within our community during the 2003 budget year. We are presently working in concert with the Adams County Office of Emergency Management to recruit and train interested citizens. Anyone interested in applying to become a member of the Federal Heights CERT team, or seeking additional information, should contact Pat Griffith at the Federal Heights Fire Department at 303-428-3526 ext 302.

Name of Program: Brookfield Properties/Denver Community College CERT Program
Geographic Area: Denver, Downtown Denver
Point of Contact: Joe Gargan
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (303) 595-7029
E-mail address:
Brief Description: Brookfield Properties and Denver Community College have collaberated to organize a CERT team to provide basic emergency prepraedness, disaster response, evacuation and triage for high-rise office properties in Downtown Denver. Although a new team, we have trained and graduated 50 team members during 9 weeks of training and a 2 1/2 hour disaster exercise. We are preparing to conduct a second training class for approxiamtely 30-40 members in early 2004 and a thrid class in Fall, 2004.

Name of Program: City of Colorado Springs CERT
Geographic Area: Colorado Springs, CO
Point of Contact: Pauline Nelson
Phone Number: (719) 385-5957
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: The City of Colorado Springs Office of Emergency Management provides CERT training for citizens. Through classroom learning, hands-on training and a simulated disaster exercise, participants will learn how to help themselves, their families and their neighbors during and immediately following an emergency or disaster. For additional information,please contact our office at 719-385-5957 or

Name of Program: El Paso Citizen Emergency Response Training & Community Emergency Response Team
Geographic Area: El Paso County - Colorado Springs Area
Point of Contact: Jim Reid
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (719) 575-8400
E-mail address:
Website address:,frameless.htm
Brief Description: The El Paso County Sheriff's Office CERT program is offered as basic emergency preparedness training for citizen awareness (citizen emergency response training) and a formal response team (Community Emergency Response Team). The team members are approved volunteers with the Sheriff's Office and most are certified Train-the-Trainers. Teen CERT is also supported by the Emergency Services Division of the Sheriff's Office. Teen CERT is based on the formal CERT curriculum taught to high school students. For more information, please contact Haley Rich, Emergency Preparedness Planner at (719) 575-8418.

Name of Program: Englewood CERT
Geographic Area: Englewood
Point of Contact:
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (303) 762-2470
E-mail address:
Brief Description: The Englewood CERT program provides education and response training designed to give citizens the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary to help themselves and their community followed a major emergency or disaster until emergency responders are able to assist. The program is also part of the local vocational school curriculum for students in the Medical Preparation Program (grades 11&12). This program emphasizes personal skills development.

Name of Program: CARE
Geographic Area: Jefferson County, Arvada
Point of Contact: Jim Lancy
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (720) 898-7510
E-mail address:
Brief Description: The Arvada Fire Protection District and the City of Arvada Emergency Management Office have joined forces to teach the community how to prepare for a disaster. Citizens of Arvada Responding to Emergencies (CARE) will train citizens to be better prepared to respond to emergency situations in their communities. When emergencies happen, CARE members can give critical support to their families and their neighbors.

Name of Program: Citizens Emergency Response Team
Geographic Area: La Plata County, Town of Ignacio
Point of Contact: Patricia Senecal
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (970) 563-9494
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: Citizens will be trained in how to support expert fire and emergency responders. There will be 4 training sessions and how-to-sheets" will be created to be used by trained volunteers during an emergency to assure accurate responses.

Name of Program: Logan County CERT
Geographic Area: Logan County, Sterling City
Point of Contact: Jon Rosenlund
Phone Number: (970) 522-9700
E-mail address:
Brief Description: We are a brand new team consisting of citizens, educators, and businesses working together to form this area's first CERT team.

Name of Program: Mesa County RSVP - CERT
Geographic Area: Mesa County, Grand Junction
Point of Contact:
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (970) 243-9839
E-mail address:
Brief Description: The Community Emergency Response Teams that are sponsored by the Mesa County Retired And Senior Volunteer Program are comprised of men and women age 55 and older. These teams are known locally as the "Senior CERTS." They have all received 24 hours of initial training; and they meet for three hours each month to maintain skills, take advanced training and execute special projects. The Senior CERTS are trying to fill niches that are not being filled by other emergency personnel. Senior CERTS have been tentatively assigned to work with patient transport and tracking in local hospitals during a disaster. CERT volunteers have also developed specific plans to help with the organization of spontaneous volunteers during a disaster. Senior CERT volunteers, in cooperation with the Childcare Coalition, have developed a curriculum and emergency preparedness kits and are currently training childcare providers in emergency preparedness. In cooperation with the Center for Independence, Senior CERTS are developing specific plans to aid people with special needs during a disaster. Senior CERTS are also developing a procedure to teach seniors who are living independently emergency preparedness skills and to help supply these seniors with the materials they need to survive for 72 hours during a disaster situation.

Name of Program: Colorado Fire Service
Geographic Area: Statewide
Point of Contact:
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (720) 363-0553
E-mail address:
Brief Description: Supply emergency support& fulfill directives necessary for Life,Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Co-ordinate objectives dictated by command.

Name of Program: Arapahoe CERT
Geographic Area: Arapahoe County
Point of Contact: Randy E Councell
Title: Emergency Management Coordinator - Sgt
Phone Number: (720) 874-4186
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office was recently awarded a 2003 CERT Grant. The sheriff's office is committed to educating and working with the citizens, preparing for any disaster. If you are interested in joining this elite group of volunteers, please contact the Emergency Management Coordinator.

Name of Program: City of Aurora CERT
Geographic Area: Arapahoe County, City of Aurora
Point of Contact: Jason Kingsley
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (303) 326-8964
E-mail address:
Brief Description: The City of Aurora CERT program started in 1995. This was done in conjunction with the Aurora Fire Department Citizen's Academy. With the recent CERT grants the City received the CERT program will be offered four times a year for our citizens. Training will include CPR and First Aid, fire safety, and other topics relating to disaster preparedness.

Name of Program: Sugar Loaf CERT
Geographic Area: Boulder County, Sugar Loaf Fire Protection District
Point of Contact: Sally Stoffel
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (303) 442-1050
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: New CERT in the process of being organized. The Sugar Loaf community is located west of the city of Boulder in a rural mountain fire district covering 19 square miles of forested wildland interfacing with pockets of residential areas.

Name of Program: Custer County CERT
Geographic Area: South Central Region
Point of Contact: Christe Feldemann
Phone Number: (719) 371-4212
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: We are a small group in rural Colorado that would like to be involved in keeping our community safe and be informed on how to react in the case of an emergency situation.

Name of Program: University of Colorado CERT
Geographic Area: University of Colorado campus
Point of Contact: Sylvia Dane
Phone Number: (303) 492-5162
E-mail address:
Brief Description: We have around 65 trained CERT members. We wish to have a CERT member in every building on campus. We hope to continue training CERT members beyond the CERT curriculum.

Name of Program: Clear Creek CERT Team
Geographic Area: Clear Creek County
Point of Contact: Kathleen Gaubatz
Phone Number: (303) 679-2320
E-mail address:
Brief Description: 18 Member Team graduated March 2007. Monthly meetings.

Name of Program: Kit Carson County CERT
Geographic Area: North East Colorado
Point of Contact: Judith Mitchek
Phone Number: (719) 346-7189
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: The Kit Carson County CERT, a part of the Kit Carson County County Health and Human Services, is being developed to help Kit Carson County, a sparsely populated county located 170 miles from Denver and bordering Kansas along I-70. Kit Carson County CERT deals with surge capacity in a local disaster, including assisting mass prophylaxis/vaccination clinics or other major public health needs. The unit is partnered with the Red Cross, VOAD, County mental health services, OEM, Citizen Corps, RSVP, MRC, and other County resources to develop a coordinated response to a disaster. It is limiting recruitment to licensed health and medical personnel, including nurses, nurse practitioners, veterinarians, pharmacists, doctors, chiropractors, physician assistants, and dentists, and other community resources in the county. This unit is recruiting members for its CERT by making presentations and/or delivering brochures to its 3 medical clinics, 1 county hospital, 1 sattelite of Morgan Community College, Citizen Corps meetings, meetings of professional organizations, mailings, health fairs, and other community gatherings. The unit has a core of about 100 volunteers and has developed a core curriculum based on the suggested CERT core competencies. These MRC volunteers will be included in exercises being planned by the Kit Carson County Health and Human Services.

Name of Program: City and County of Denver CERT
Geographic Area: Denver
Point of Contact: Caroyln Bluhm
Phone Number: (720) 865-7698
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: The Federal Emergency Management Agency, using the model created by the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) concept in 1986. Since then, hundreds of communities across the United States have established their own CERT programs. The City and County of Denver, Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management is using the LAFD model to develop Citizen Emergency Response Training as a partnering effort between emergency services and the people they serve. The goal is for emergency personnel to train citizens of our community in basic preparedness and skills. If a disastrous event overwhelms or delays the community’s professional response, citizens can better protect themselves by applying the preparedness skills that they learned during training. These skills can help save and sustain their lives following a disaster until help arrives. CERT skills also apply to daily emergencies.

Name of Program: Weld County Community Awareness Patrol
Geographic Area: Weld
Point of Contact: Jimmy Cordova
Phone Number: (303) 655-1506
E-mail address:
Brief Description: The CERT Program will enable community neighborhoods to better themselves by being prepared in hazards that may threaten their community.Our goal is to have a safe and well organized Program. And In addition to CERT the Weld County Community Awareness Patrol is also a neighborhood Watch Program which Neighborhood Watch is one of the oldest and most effective crime prevention programs in the country, bringing citizens together with law enforcement to deter crime and make communities safer. Weld County CAP is open for new challenges that may arise.

Name of Program: Teen CERT
Geographic Area: Pueblo West
Point of Contact: Haley Rich
Phone Number: (719) 647-2652
E-mail address:
Brief Description: Required School based CERT program with expanded training and volunteer participation. 45 hour course with a full scale exercise at completion.