National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis

NARA's National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)

NPRC is one of the National Archives and Records Administration's largest operations. We are a central repository of personnel-related records, both military and civil service. Our mission is to provide world class service to Government agencies, military veterans, former civilian Federal employees, family members, as well as researchers and historians.

Civilian Personnel Records

Records include:
  • Official Personnel Folders (OPF) and Employee Medical Folders (EMF) of separated Federal civilian employees
  • Personnel documents that date back to the mid-nineteenth century
  • Medical records of military family members treated at Army, Air Force and Coast Guard medical facilities
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Military Personnel Records

National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records

Records include:
  • Military personnel, health, and medical records of discharged and deceased veterans of all services during the 20th century
  • Medical treatment records of retirees from all services, as well as records for dependent and other persons treated at naval medical facilities.
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View a recent newscast on some of the treasures in NARA's National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis.
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What's New?

  • Veterans and next-of-kin can now use eVetRecs to order military records online (you still must mail in a signature page)

  • On June 11, 2005, a public research room opened at the St. Louis Miltary Records Center, for access to limited military records. Advance notification by visitors is recommended.

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