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  The President’s Community-Based Job Training Grants  
  About the Grants
Community-Based Job Training Grants seek to strengthen the role of community colleges in promoting the U.S. workforce's full potential. The grants are employer-focused and build on the President's High Growth Job Training Initiative, a national model for demand-driven workforce development implemented by strategic partnerships between the workforce investment system, employers, and community colleges and other training providers. The primary purpose of the CBJTG grants is to build the capacity of community colleges to train workers to develop the skills required to succeed in high growth/high demand industries.
George W. Bush
"The changing economy can leave people behind if we're not wise. But the changing economy also is good news. It creates higher-paying, higher-quality jobs. And that's what's happening here in America. And that's why it's essential that these kind of programs that we're talking about provide willing souls with the skills necessary to take advantage of it."

~Mesa Community College
January 21, 2004,
Phoenix, Arizona

factshet Fact sheet on Community-Based Job Training Grants
  Grant Activities
These grants will be used to do the following:
  • Increase the capacity of community colleges to provide training in a local high growth, high demand industry through activities such as the development of training curricula with local industry, hiring qualified faculty, arranging on-the-job experiences with industry, and using up-to-date equipment; and
  • Train new and experienced workers in identified high growth, high demand industries, with the aim of employing and/or increasing the retention and earnings of trained workers, while meeting the skill needs of businesses within targeted industries.
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2008 Workforce Solutions Catalogue

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  Previous Solicitations for Grant Applications
Hear or view President Bush's 2004 speech discussing the grants:
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Created: August 06, 2008
Updated: September 15, 2008