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Variation in worker earnings by occupation, July 2007

Among the five major occupational groups, average hourly earnings in private industry ranged from $10.06 for service workers to $32.96 for management, professional, and related employees in July 2007.

Mean hourly earnings by major occupation group, private industry, July 2007
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Average hourly earnings for sales and office workers were $15.97, while for natural resources, construction, and maintenance workers, the average was $20.15. The average hourly earnings for production, transportation, and material moving workers were $15.03.

Overall, earnings averaged $19.21 per hour in private industry in July 2007.

These data are from the BLS National Compensation Survey program. Learn more in National Compensation Survey: Occupational Earnings in the United States, 2007, BLS Bulletin 2704.


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