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The Emergency Contraception Website - Your website for the "Morning After"

Looking for Emergency Contraception NOW?

In the United States, morning after pills are available without prescription for women and men 18 and older. Just ask your pharmacist for Plan B. Click here for more info.


Click here to search for an emergency contraception (Plan B) provider.


Under 18? Click here.

Concerned about cost? Click here.



According to the distributors of Plan B, it will be stocked by all major pharmacy chains, but be sure to call ahead to make sure that it available in your pharmacy. You will have to ask the pharmacist for Plan B; it will not be on the shelves but instead will be kept behind the pharmacy counter.


To get Plan B without a prescription, you will be asked to show proof that you are age 18 or over. Any government-issued ID (not only US government) is acceptable proof of age and it does not need to be a photo ID. Both women and men aged 18 and over can buy Plan B without a prescription.

If you already have a pack of regular birth control pills,
you may be able to use them for emergency contraception (click here to find out more about which oral contraceptives have been proven safe and effective for preventing pregnancy after sex). However, these brands of pills are not as effective as pills containing only progestin, such as Plan B, in the United States.

If you are younger than 18, or if you need a prescription for insurance reimbursement,
you can search our directory for health care providers including pharmacists near you in the United States who will write prescriptions for Plan B or the daily birth control pills you can use as emergency contraceptive pills. You can search for a provider in the US or search by pill brand to find emergency contraceptive pills worldwide.


For more information about emergency contraception, click here or check out our frequently asked questions.

Everyone in this database has told us that they are willing and qualified to provide emergency contraception (Plan B). However, we cannot guarantee they will give you a prescription, and we cannot vouch for the quality or costs of their services. If you have not used this directory before, you can click here for more information about it. And please let us know if you have problems with anyone in this directory or find that a listing is incorrect. If a pharmacist refuses to fill your prescription for emergency contraception, the New York Civil Liberties Union Reproductive Rights Project would like to know about it. Please download and fill out this form and mail or fax to the address on the form .

Once you find a provider, you may want to read our tips for callers before you try to contact them.


If you are a health care provider with authority to prescribe medication and you would like to be added to this directory as a provider of Plan B, please click here.


For providers, educators, and activists, we also offer a flexible way of searching for Educational and Promotional Materials related to Emergency Contraception. Click here to search our materials database.


This website is operated by the Office of Population Research at Princeton University and by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals and has no connection with any pharmaceutical company or for-profit organization. This website is peer reviewed by a panel of independent experts.

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