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This Web site is a component of the SAMHSA Health Information Network.

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The Center for Mental Health Services

The Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) is the Federal agency within the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) that leads national efforts to improve prevention and mental health treatment services for all Americans. CMHS pursues its mission by helping States improve and increase the quality and range of treatment, rehabilitation, and support services for people with mental health problems, their families, and communities. CMHS programs and activities include:


Child, Adolescent & FamilyChild, Adolescent & Family
Meeting the mental health needs of children and their families through community-based “systems of care.”more...

Community Support Community Support
Providing assistance in meeting basic needs such as housing, employment, education, social services, transportation, and medical and nursing care for persons with mental illness. more...

Consumer/Survivor Consumer/Survivor
Supporting the participation of mental health consumer/survivors in the planning, design, implementation, policy formulation, and evaluation of mental health services. more...

Administering programs that focus on prevention, education, and delivery of quality mental health services for persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families, partners, and health care providers. more...

Organization and Financing Organization and Financing
Providing information on the funding and administration of mental health services. more...

Protection & Advocacy Protection & Advocacy
Investigating reports of abuse, neglect, and rights violations and identifying appropriate legal and legislative remedies for people with mental illnesses in public and private mental health treatment facilities. more...

Emergency Mental Health and Traumatic Stress Emergency Mental Health and Traumatic Stress
Disseminating mental health information related to disasters and traumatic events and assessing, promoting, and enhancing the resilience of Americans in times of crisis. more...

Assisting persons with mental illnesses who are homeless in obtaining treatment and other services while making the transition from homelessness. more...

Mental Health StatisticsMental Health Statistics
Providing guidance and technical assistance to decision makers at all levels of government regarding the design, structure, content, and use of mental health information systems. more...

Prevention Initiatives and Priority ProgramsPrevention Initiatives and Priority Programs
Supporting programs for populations (women, minorities, older adults, rural Americans, persons in the criminal justice system, and refugees and torture survivors) who are at-risk for mental illness and lack mental health services. more...

State Planning/Mental Health Block GrantState Planning/Mental Health Block Grant
Improving access to community-based health care delivery systems for persons with serious mental illnesses who rely on their States and the public system of mental health care. more...


Providing practical guidance for parents and caregivers on strengthening relationships with their children by giving them at least 15 minutes of undivided attention each day. more...

Youth Violence PreventionYouth Violence Prevention
Providing services designed to strengthen healthy youth development, foster school safety, and prevent violence behavior and substance use in the Nation’s schools and communities. more...

Discrimination & StigmaDiscrimination & Stigma
Assisting individuals, States, and public and private organizations with the design, implementation, and operation of programs and initiatives to reduce discrimination and stigma. more...

The Center on Women, Violence and TraumaNational Center for Trauma-Informed Care
Highlighting the role of violence and trauma in the lives of people with behavioral health disorders by disseminating information and stimulating change in services to trauma survivors in States and communities. more...

National Strategy for Suicide PreventionNational Strategy for Suicide Prevention
Providing a framework for action to prevent suicide and guide development of a broad range of suicide prevention services and programs. more...

Surgeon GeneralSurgeon General Reports
Focusing the Nation’s attention on important public health issues, including the release of the first Surgeon General’s report ever issued on the topic of mental health and mental illness in 1999. more...

SAMHSA's Disaster Technical Assistance CenterSAMHSA's Disaster Technical Assistance Center
Helping States prepare for and respond to emergency situations, such as natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and wildfires) and human-made disasters and acts of terror. more...

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