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Combined Federal Campaign

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CFC Glossary

Administrative Expenses, PCFO Expenses, Campaign Expenses, or CFC Expenses - all documented expenses identified in the PCFO application relating to the conduct of a local CFC and approved by the LFCC in accordance with these regulations.

Agency, Voluntary Agency or Charity - A non-profit, philanthropic, human health and welfare organization.

Agency Coordinator - are generally responsible for overseeing key worker activities and working with the PCFO to conduct the six-week solicitation at his/her agency.

Campaign Cycle/Period - A time reference for CFC campaigns that consists of a two-year reporting period which marks the beginning of a campaign and the end of a campaign. Depending on when the PCFO is selected by the LFCC, most campaigns will begin operation on or around March 15 of the first year of the campaign and end around March 14 two years later, depending on the final disbursement for the campaign. For example, March 15, 2004 begins the fall 2004 campaign and March 14, 2006 marks the end of the fall 2004 campaign. More generally, the annual campaign runs for a six-week period between September 1st and December 15th. Actual dates are determined by the LFCC and PCFO and may vary from one campaign to another.

Charity, Charitable Organization or Organization - a private, non-profit, philanthropic, human health and welfare organization.

Combined Federal Campaign or Campaign or CFC - the charitable fund-raising program established under Executive Order Number 10728, as amended by Executive Order Number 10926, 12353, and 12404.

CFC Operations (CFCO) - is charged with overall responsibility for day to day management and supervision of the CFC. CFCO provides regulatory oversight, including annual audits, and technical guidance to the CFC campaigns.

Designated Agency Ethics Officer (DAEO) - An officer or employee who is designated by the head of a Federal agency to coordinate and manage the agency's ethics program in accordance with the provisions of 5 CFR §2638.201.

Designated Funds - contributions which the donor has designated to a specific voluntary agency(ies), federation(s), or general option(s). Also see Undesignated Funds.

Director - The Director of the Office of Personnel Management.

Domestic Area - means the several United States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands.

Employee - any person employed by the Government of the United States or any branch, unit, or instrumentality thereof, including persons in the civil service, uniformed service, Foreign Service, and the postal service.

Federation or Federated Group - a group of voluntary charitable human health and welfare agencies organized for purposes of supplying common fund-raising, administrative, and management services to its constituent members.

International General Designation Option - a donor option indicating that the gift be distributed to all of the international agencies listed in the international section of the campaign brochure in the same proportion as all of the international agencies received designation in the local CFC. This option will have the code IIII.

Key worker - Federal employees who are generally responsible for distributing campaign materials, such as, brochures/listing of charities and pledge cards within their agency or unit/division. Key workers may also collect pledge cards and cash/check/money order donations from contributors, and transmit these items back to either the agency coordinator, a loaned executive (LE) or the PCFO. The process varies in each campaign and/or agency.

Loaned Executive (LE) - Federal employees "loaned" by a Federal agency to either the LFCC or PCFO to assist in the conduct of the campaign. LE responsibilities vary in each campaign. Responsibilities may include pre-screening charity applications, entering pledge card data into the PCFOs tracking system, and assisting Federal agencies in conducting solicitations of its employees.

Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) - The Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) is comprised of Federal employees and representatives of labor unions with Federal employees as members that are officially designated by the Director to conduct the CFC in a particular community. The LFCC selects the principal combined Fund Organization (PCFO that serves as fiscal agency for the campaign. The LFCC provides oversight for the local campaign in conformance with the CFC regulations and the policies established by OPM. The LFCC also approves local (and in some instances, statewide) charities in their campaign area that have met CFC eligibility standards as set forth in the CFC regulations. Federal employees interested in volunteering with the CFC should contact their local LFCC found at the Campaign Locator or ask your duty-station Agency CFC Coordinator for more information.

Office of Personnel Management (OPM) - OPM has responsibility for the oversight of the CFC. The Director of OPM has designated to the CFCO responsibility for day to day management of the CFC. CFCO reviews and provides guidance and technical advice on regulations, and has the authority to conduct compliance audits on any CFC local campaign's fiscal records.

Overseas Area - the Department of Defense (DoD) Overseas Campaign which includes all areas other than those included in the domestic area.

Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO) - the PCFO administers the local campaign and acts as fiscal agent under the direction and control of the LFCC and the Director. OPM sets strict requirements for this role. Annual audits are required of the PCFO by an independent CPA.

Solicitations - any action requesting money, either by cash, check or payroll deduction, on behalf of charitable organizations.

Undesignated Funds - contributions that the donor has not designated to a specific voluntary agency(ies), federation(s), or general option(s).