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Combined Federal Campaign

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Thank you for participating in the CFC campaign. Your tax deductible donations support thousands of worthy causes.

Beginning September 2007, all charities participating in the CFC have been assigned a new five-digit CFC code by OPM.  Pledges made using the former four-digit codes cannot be honored.  For a Cross-Reference Excel File  [271 KB] of the new and old codes for national and international CFC charities select this link.  To find local charity code information, contact your local campaign through the Campaign Locater.   For more details on the new codes see the New Five-Digit Charity Code Fact Sheet.

The Office of CFC Operations erroneously omitted three eligible national independent charitable organizations from the 2007 National-International Charity List transmitted to each of the 264 local campaigns for their use in soliciting contributions from federal employees. The 2007 National-International Charity List has been amended to include the following three charitable organizations:

10291 Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society
10876 Jews for Jesus
10247 Wildlife Society, Inc., The

For additional information to inform your giving use the following links: