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Submitting Articles for Publication in CWC Online

How to submit an article

CWC Online welcomes submissions of articles on compensation and workplace issues. Articles should be factual and analytical, not polemical in tone.

We prefer (but do not require) submission in the form of an electronic file in Microsoft Word, either on a diskette or as an attachment to e-mail. Please use separate files for the text of the article; the tables; and charts; we prefer (but do not require) that such materials be in Microsoft Excel files and be accompanied, in the case of charts, by the underlying data.

Potential articles should be sent by e-mail to or by mail (on diskette) to Editor, Compensation and Working Conditions, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Room 2850, Washington, DC 20212.

Review process

All article submissions from outside of the Bureau of Labor Statistics are screened by CWC Online editors. That editorial review is generally a 1-page analysis of the salience of the topic for our readership and the editorial problems that might arise if the piece were to be accepted on its technical merit. At the same time, a review and comments are solicited from one or more subject matter experts from within the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These experts are generally economists with substantial experience in the program area and usually submit 2-3 pages of comments, technical advice, and suggestions.

With the two reports in hand, the senior editorial staff select the outside submissions that will be published. The technical comments from the subject matter referees are usually given the most weight.