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Enter the last name of the person you are looking for in the Last Name field. As many as three names can be entered in the appropriate boxes. Use a wildcard character '*' if unclear on the spelling of the last name (i.e., "a*son" finds users whose last names start with "a" and end in "son").

To find all users in an organization, such as a division, or branch within division, enter the acronym or abbreviation in the Organization field. It may need a wildcard '*' at the end (i.e., to find all GEO users, enter "geo*").

A search for a first name requires a last name or organization entry.

To search for a given phone number, enter the last four digits (for people at headquarters). You can also enter the entire phone number with area code to get offsite people, located at the National Processing Center (NPC), Regional Census Centers (RCC's), or Regional Offices (RO's). Not all entries have a phone number, so it is possible that some people will not be listed this way.

Location searches require a building, followed by a dash, then the room number. You can use the wildcard character (*). This information is not available for everyone. For example, the regional offices do not appear to have the location data.


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